Reema Khan

Name Reema Khan
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth October 27, 1977
Place of Birth Sahiwal, Pakistan
Famous For Acting, Modeling, Producer, Director, Social Working

Reema Khan, Actresses is famous for Acting, Modeling, Producer, Director, Social Working, Pakistani celebrity. Born on October 27, 1977

Reema Khan was born in Lahore, the city of lights, with an initial brought-up in Multan, the city of the Saints. This wonder girl of Pakistani film industry received her early education in a leading convent school in Multan. Later her family shifted to Lahore for her higher education. Like any Muslim Family, learning Holy Quran was an integral part of a child's early education. And, she too, learnt Holy Quran at an early stage. Besides the formal education, she was no stranger to the world of extra-curricular activities since her childhood. At her school, she participated in many extra-curricular activities with a special interest in the Dramatics. Reema was in athletics too in her school days. However, her indulgence in the extra-curricular activities earned her quite a fame and a name even in those formative years of her life. So strong was the impact of this bright little girl on her school teachers that she is still vividly remembered and adored by them even today.

Despite achieving a considerable fame and an ever increasing popularity among millions of people which she had started to earn during her schools days, Reema never allowed success to her head and defeat to her heart. She remained humble, God-fearing, sympathetic to the weak and poor, caring, affectionate, helpful, kindhearted, energetic and confident all the way her tough career. She didn’t change even after achieving the unprecedented heights of fame and success as the top super star with an international fame and fan club.

Reema has a very respectable blood-line since she belongs to a very renowned branch of nthe Aghas :The Qazilbash Clan. Reema's father is a retired gazetted officer and now practices law. Her mother is a simple Housewife with a rural background. Has three young sisters and one brother who is studying in Malaysia. Two of her sisters have been married while the youngest has been engaged. One of her sister's holds three Post-graduate degrees with distinction from the Local and foreign Universities including world famous prestigious seat of learning , The Oxford University in England.

She is a glaring example of hard work, sincerity of purpose and commitment. In pursuance of her dreams she braved every obstacle to make her dream of becoming the top artist of the country a reality. She was blessed with the acumen of accepting challenges by the almighty as she was being sent to this world. The most undeniable proof to the fact that Reema loves challenges is her being in the film industry despite being a Qizulbash girl. The fact remains that she is the only one in her family who entered into the forbidden land of tinsel town. It was just unthinkable (And still is) in an ordinary Pathan family, (leave aside a girl from the prestigious Qizulbash clan) to even dream about acting in a movie. But, undeterred Reema was no easy pill to swallow. She wouldn’t let her dream slip away through her fingers come hell or high water and remained stuck to her ambition. She finally did it despite all odds against her and made to the top in Pakistan film Industry since she was not use to a defeat and was a born go-getter-kind a-girl.

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