Hira Tareen

Name Hira Tareen
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 24th October 1992
Place of Birth
Famous For Model, Actress, Host, DJ, Art Director

Hira Tareen, Female Models is famous for Model, Actress, Host, DJ, Art Director, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 24th October 1992

There are many fewer models in the Pakistan fashion industry who have earned lots of fame and constant love from the fans, the Hira Tareen name is taken in those models. Hira Tareen was not one of the popular models but she hosted a show called Maal ka Swaal on one of the local channel and this program changed her life and she became famous.

Hira Tareen is a very confident girl and I think so she has gained this much confidence from Dallas as she is there since she is eight years old. She is very independent girl and the main reason behind it is that she has spent her life in the west. Talented Hira Tareen came from Dallas and she always wanted to become a super model. She has a very supportive family and her parents have always supported her and this is the only thing which has made her successful.

In the year 1993, Hira Tareen came to Pakistan and her sister joined modeling and Hira Tareen was much inspired by her sister that she also wanted to become a part of this industry. In the year 2001, Hira Tareen again comes to Pakistan but this time she had already made her mind that she will try modeling. She wanted to try out fashion in Pakistan because in Dallas she and her sister were running a modeling agency. Hira Tareen did her first shoot and then went back to her homeland but in 2002 came back to Pakistan and since now she has been living here and working. Hira Tareen is one of the busiest models she has done a couple of shoots for magazines and has also done shows with Frieha Altaf and Imran Qureshi and yes she has also participated in the Lux style awards.

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