Sami Khan

Name Sami Khan
Height 5' 10"
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 8 July, 1980
Place of Birth Lahore
Famous For Modeling

Sami Khan, Male Models is famous for Modeling, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 8 July, 1980

Sami khan is a well known Pakistani actor and model. He stated his career about in early 2000s. Soon after entering in the showbiz field he was recognized as a very talented youngster who achieved a lot of fame in such a short time.

Taking about his childhood he was a very good student and was very interested in cricket. According to him he never imagined that he was ever going to enter this field.

Sami khan was in the final year of engineering when he got an opportunity to work in Pakistan film industry. So he started his career directly from big screen. His debut film was “Salakhein”. At that time sami was graduating from UET. He skipped a few papers for this movie. Meanwhile he started doing other projects for T.V and thus adopted acting as his profession. He also changed his name from Mansoor Aslam Khan Niyazi to Sami Khan.
He did many commercials, serials and a few videos. Some of his serials are “Dil se dil tak”, “situm”, “chaap”, “Angles”, “apnay huay paray”, and “teray pehlo main”. He also worked in an Indian play “partition aik safar” and stated it as a very wonderful experience.

This young talented actor has a bright future ahead with a lot of opportunities to explore his talent further.

Sami Khan's Projects
* "Dil se dil tak”
* “situm”
* “chaap”
* “Angles”
* “apnay huay paray”
* “teray pehlo main”
* “partition aik safar”
* “Kaghaz ka phool”
* “Kinara”

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