Bilal Saeed

Name Bilal Saeed
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 12 December, 1988
Place of Birth Sialko
Famous For Singing

Bilal Saeed, Singers is famous for Singing, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 12 December, 1988

In the history of Music, thousands of people have turned themselves into stars with their talent and hard work. Some people have amazing vocals, some are good song writers. A few are great composers and very few of them are music producers. However, only some people have the gift of singing, writing, composing and also producing at the same time; Bilal Saeed is one of them.

Born in Sialkot on 12 December 1988, he started singing, writing and composing songs when he was just at high school. The passion of music left his mind with only one option to do in life; 'music'. After finishing his studies, he took the initiative and went to Islamabad to record his songs. In the meanwhile he availed the opportunity of writing and composing songs for upcoming singers as well as household Pakistani artists such as Amanat Ali, Huma Khawaja, Annie Khalid, Falak Shabir and many more. By the grace of God, he had some remarkable hits as lyricist and composer, not long after; fortune opened the doors for him to create his own recording studio known as Bee's studio. Having his own studio gave him enough comfort to create music of his own.

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