Javeria Abbasi

Name Javeria Abbasi
Height 5' 7"
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 29 December, 1972
Place of Birth Karachi, Pakistan
Famous For Acting

Javeria Abbasi, Actresses (TV) is famous for Acting, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 29 December, 1972

An actor who made her way through the intense foliage of the showbiz jungle, pursuing a career in acting and rising as a queen to be throned by the virtue of sheer talent, Juvaria Abbasi, discusses her likes and dislikes, her relationship with the most important person in her life - her daughter and tells about how she feels about Shamoon and their parting ways.

A woman and a survivor in the real sense of the word she met a fatal accident some years back that left her with shattered bones and feelings. Miraculously, she fully recovered. Even today she bears the marks of the surgery on her body and extremities. Then, she made her come back.

Juvaria took over the screens with a vengeance. Today after becoming Pakistan's favourite, girl-next-door, she finds herself a contender to one of the most hyped (read controversial) awards of the country - Lux Style Awards. After a passage of many years and many successful plays, Juvaria wants to have her ideal home and live a happy and full life.

At first Juvaria comes across as a casual and relaxed person who doesn't have a care in the world. She talks animatedly enjoying the experience of the discourse. But behind all the carefree cast lies a very serious and hard working actor and mother.

Born to a middle class family Juvaria's father, a notable writer and her mother, hailing from a family of traditional herbal pharmacists (hakims), she was brought up in the metropolis of Karachi where she later went to college.

One fine evening, while still in college, when she was invited to a show of acting challenge she found her calling. "I was there just as one of the audience. Later, my friends and I got a chance to go backstage and meet with the artists and there I got an offer to act on that very platform - that very stage. I was hesitant but I took it up, I didn't know anything about acting then.

I came back the other week and this time I was on stage. From there I got lucky and won the challenge and later I was hosting the same show that I had very hesitantly participated in. I loved the whole experience but I didn't know that it would be my bread and butter for the rest of my life," says Juvaria Abbasi, a versatile and passionate actor.

About her daughter she says, "I love and adore my daughter very much." Then adds lovingly, "she is very intelligent and curious though she tends to be a quite child by nature. She loves to wear my clothes and dress up like me.

We have a very friendly relationship she's sort of made me her ideal; she usually accompanies me on my shoots. On one of my shoots, she stayed with the cameraman trying to learn how the camera works and all. Some time later she said mummy, I want a camera just like that.

I said yeah sure! Well, she wants to be a doctor when she's all grown up,” and adds with a sigh, “Thank GOD!” On a serious note Juvaria says, "I do give time to my daughter. When I go for outdoor shoots, I try and take her along. This way I can spend more time with her. It gives me more time to be with her. In Karachi I try to be at home by 10 pm latest so I get some time with her."

Juvaria then talks about her inspirations and actors she likes. "I think that Pakistan has a pool of great talent," then after a pause she adds, "Of course Pakistan has some of the best actors in the world. I really like Sania Saeed (the love of my life), Samina Peerzada, Atiqa Odho and Sadia Imam; I really love her work and of the newcomers I like Beenish Chohan.

I am really inspired by Samina Peerzada though." On my inquiring why is she obsessed with Samina she says "I will tell you why? It is because she is a complete woman, a lady in real life and on screen as well. I am inspired by Samina appa and her versatile acting including some very intense character roles. It's acting with character that I really love and that is what I want to be."

On my inquiring if Juvaria is an arts and crafts person she laughingly retorts, "I am not really into arts. I like reading thriller and horror and real life stories. I am more of a real life freak when it comes to books and movies.

I love music. I like Abida Parveen and Nusrat Fateh Ali’s style of music.” This clearly denotes our star is into New Age and Ethnic music. "I also like listening to Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. My friends say I am still stuck in that era. Why not, I love it and there's nothing wrong with it either.”

We now move on to Juvaria’s personal life about which she candidly says, "On the personal front ask me anything; I don't hide things. What happened between me and Shamoon? He liked another person and got married to her.

It's ok. Sure I forget and do forgive. He's a good friend and he is the father of my daughter. He's a gentleman. He taught me everything in life, in showbiz and all. It was Shamoon who took me by the finger and led me through the world of showbiz. I am cool with him."

"One thing I really want is my dream house. My idea of the dream house is a place of my own, all my own, may it just have a carpet. But I really want my dream house."

Juvaria who is already one of the country's most popular female actors is a jolly and uninhibited person. She has truly seen life a bit more closely than a lot of others. She matured reasonably after going through many adversities and not once complained about her misfortunes.

And even today, she can laugh at the silliest of jokes and enjoy the simplest pleasures of life. This star is definitely one of a kind. I am sure she would sooner or later step in the realm of films. Her forte would be character roles, not that she would give up lead roles that she gets but with her versatility and talent the former is more probable. Good going Juvaria!

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