Name Nirala
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 1930
Place of Birth Uttar Pradesh, India
Famous For Acting, Comedy

Nirala, Comedians is famous for Acting, Comedy, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 1930

Nirala is a Urdu word, its meaning is 'rare'.
Nirala (Urdu: ') (real name Syed Muzaffar Husain Zaidi was a Pakistani comedian film star of the 1960s. He only appeared in the urdu films made in Pakistan. His very first film was Aur bhi gham hain (Urdu - 1960). Nirala's last film was Choroan Ka Badshah, which was released three years after his death in 1988. His most successful film was undoubtedly Armaan in which he played a supporting role with Waheed Murad.

His exact date and place of birth is not known. But according to the available information he was born in Uttar Pradesh province of India during the late 1930s. And at the time of Partition of India he was around 12 years old. His father, whose name is not given, was of Irani origin and mother was Indian. Nirala lived in India till the independence and then later moved to Pakistan along with his family elders after the Indian partition. And settled down in Karachi in a rented house located at Abyssinia Lines at Drigh Road now known as Shahrah-e-Faisal Shaheed Road, in Karachi.
He was soon discovered by a film producer and started his professional career as a comedian actor in the Pakistani film industry in 1960, becoming very popular.

Besides working in the movies, Nirala (Muzaffar) was invited at the private parties, social get-together and stage shows around the country to perform comedy acts. Since there was no Television, or VCR in that era, therefore Nirala was also seen visiting the cinema halls to watch his own movies along with his close friends.

Muzaffar also had a family life. He was married to an Indian Lady during the early 1970s and also had children. He continued his profession as a comedian star till the end of his life till the late 1990s.

Nirala died on December 9, 1985, in Karachi.
Nirala is also a name, but not as common as its female version: Nirali.

1966- Nigar Award for Best Comedian for the film Armaan

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