Naeem Hashmi

Name Naeem Hashmi
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Famous For Acting

Naeem Hashmi, Actors is famous for Acting, Pakistani celebrity.

First film: Ilzam (Urdu - 1953)
Last film: Hashar Nashar (Punjabi - 1976)
Naeem Hashmi was not only an actor but also a very much respected poet and writer. He was poet of the all time best and famous film Naat "Shah-e-Madina, Yasrib ke wali...". (Some sources claim that this Naat was written by Tanvir Naqvi). Naeem Hashmi was introduced in Indian film "Chandni Chowk" in 1946 which was produed in Calcutta.

According to an article by Mr. Arif Waqar from BBC Urdu Internet website on Naeem Hashmi's 30th anniversary on April 27, 2006, Naeem Hashmi produced the first ever short feature film "Inqala-e-Kashmir" in 1948 in Pakistan, but this film was banned after only one show in Ritz cinema Lahore. A patriotic song from this film "Salam a Qaid-e-Azam, teri azmat ko salam, tera Parcham hai tabinda, tera pecham hai zinda..." was a National Anthem of Pakistan before 1954 which was also written by Naeem Hashmi and sung by Saghar Siddiqi. According to the same source Naeem produced the first ever Stage play "Shadi" in Odeon cinema Lahore in 1948.

Naeem Hashmi appeared in 74 films, 37 Urdu and 37 Punjabi. He played the title role in Babul. Other famous films were Khatoon, Noor-e-Islam, Azma-e-Islam, Shama, Ayaz, Sher Jawan and Banarsi Thagg. He died on April 27, 1976.