Nusrat Hussain

Name Nusrat Hussain
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Famous For Singing

Nusrat Hussain, Singers is famous for Singing, Pakistani celebrity.

Nusrat Hussain started in the music industry with Vital Signs, and he even appeared in the "Dil Dil Pakistan" video. Earlier, he played keyboards with bands that his frieds formed in Islamabad.

When Salman Ahmed, a member of the band (but who was not in the band when the Dil Dil Pakistan video was released) went his separate way, Nusrat joined him to form a Band with Ali Azmat as lead vocalist, a band called Junoon. If Vital Signs were the pioneers of pop music in Pakistan, Junoon were the pioneer of sufi rock, an eclectic mix of rock'n'roll and traditional ethnic music with religious undertones.

After spending some time with Vital Signs, and Junoon, Hussain ventured on his own and released a solo album titled (Amrit). It was a sincere effort that reflected Nusrat's skills and experience in the music industry. Unfortunately, the album did not do quite as well as expected. It could have been that he was a relatively unknown in the pop music scene.

Nusrat Hussain is a professional pilot and flies the Airbus A310 of Pakistan International Airlines as a Captain (PIA).


Amrit (1992)

Jo Chaho Tum
Crazy Lady

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