Name Fakhar-e-Alam
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 19 January, 1976
Place of Birth Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Famous For Acting, Singing

Fakhar-e-Alam, Singers is famous for Acting, Singing, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 19 January, 1976

Fakhar-e-Alam is a Pakistani actor, VJ and singer, popular for introducing the pop/bhangra genre of music in Pakistan. He is the grandson of Akleem Akhtar, popular mistress of Pakistan's second Military dictator Yahya Khan. She is also known as General Rani meaning General's Queen in English Fakhar succeeded to make a room on media but failed to launch any successful music album[citation needed]. Though he is still considered a pioneer of pop/bhangra music culture in Pakistan. Now he is trying to gain ground by hosting tv shows and appearing military/governmental sponsored music shows.

Alam burst into the scene in 1993 by launching the super hit single "Bhangra Pao" and establishing himself as the king of pop/bhangra/rap music in Pakistan. The single then made way as the first Pakistani video to be shown on MTV. Though not isolating himself from music, he simultaneously began to host the music show "Music Channel Charts", interestingly the same program which launched Alam's debut single. Following his first album and VJing stint, he jointly performed "Pyar diyaan Gallaan" with the bands Fringe
Benefits and Arid Zone. Though his patriotic single
'Proud Pakistani' with Nadeem Jaffery was notable, Alam's later albums did not make any ground in the Pakistani music scence. He later switched to acting and hosting TV shows. Fakhar also starred in a Lollywood movie 'Very Good Dunya, Very bad Log' as a hero along with filmstar Nirma - the movie did not meet much success. After his continuous failure in music and acting, he virtually ended his musical career, nevertheless continuing his hosting career.

Current Projects
Fakhar-e-Alam is successfully hosting the show Bolain Kya Baat Hai (English: Tell us what the matter is) telecast on GEO Super in which he interviews various sports personalities and discusses cricket and other sports-related events. The show and its host are proving to be very popular with the audiences.

Falam Connection (1994)
Rap Up (1994)
No More School Remixes (1995)
Laut Aao (1996)
Malang (1997)
Though unsuccessful in his music career, Alam has a huge fan base and is respected for his untiring relief efforts in the wake of October 8 earthquake of Pakistan. He has unsuccessfully tried to popularize a new stage name, Falam, for himself.He claims to be the first Pakistani rapper of international standard.

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