Mahnoor Baloch

Name Mahnoor Baloch
Height 5' 7"
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 14 July, 1970
Place of Birth USA
Famous For Acting

Mahnoor Baloch, Actresses (TV) is famous for Acting, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 14 July, 1970

Mahnoor Baloch is super top actress and model of pakistan. Mahnoor Baloch’s birthday or date of birth in 1970 in USA. Her height is 5'7” and she got married at age of 15 and has a 24 years old daughter. Mahnoor married Hamid with their parent’s consent and blessings. Hamid was seventeen years of age at the time. As Mahnoor belongs to sindhi family.

Mahnoor Baloch is Pakistan’s most beautiful and talented actress. Along Modeling and Acting she is also known as a great Director. Mahnoor Baloch has a very unique face, which appeals and relates to every woman. She caters her beauty well and has a charming personality. Unlike other models and actresses she did not flood in with her commercials and dramas but instead concentrated on quality work.

Mahnoor is sailing in many boats these days. She is a model, performer and a director at the same time. Though modelling had been her forte, she is no more the sultry siren that was once seen sashaying down the catwalk. It was again a bitter experience that led to such a decision. “I believe style does not mean that one has to be vulgar. In a fashion show we were to model for some western clothes. The skirt I had to wear had a slit way up till my thigh. It was very embarrassing for me. That was my last show. I believe there is a difference between style and nudity. I like modelling but catwalk is a definite no no now. I will continue to work in commercials though.” says Mahnoor.

Mahnoor and her husband Hamid Siddique are planning to move to Canada soon where most of their family currently resides. She likes to act but direction gives her creative satisfaction. “I am not crazy about acting. I am doing it perhaps because I am good at it. I always wanted to direct being intrigued by what went on behind the camera.
Had there been any institute teaching this, I would have directly jumped onto the bandwagon of direction.”

After her first venture she didn’t take up any other projects. This she says is due to her flair for perfection. She had a good script in her hands a year ago but couldn’t get the right girl to do the role of a teenager. After all her efforts ended in vain she decided to focus on other more important matters. Now, once again she is all set to deliver her best, which she believes would be better than what she had to offer before.

As for her acting, she claims she is least interested in the glamorous aspect of the field and has no qualms about being portrayed older than her age. “I believe glamour is not a necessary ingredient of showbiz. My roles have given me a lot of margin for performance. I do not fret over the fact that my character is that of a servant as long as I get a strong role. I enjoyed playing the role of Shahzad Roy’s mother in Lamhe.

“It was easier for us because my husband was the son of my father’s friend. If it hadn’t been so, things would have been difficult because we were very young.”She shares a perfectly harmonious relationship with her spouse and seldom cross swords.”That is because we grew up together and are more friends than just a married couple. It’s a funny kind of relationship and we have everything one could ever ask for.”

She has a thirteen-year-old daughter. In response to the query as to why just one kid she replied; “There is no particular reason for that. I guess because it’s easier to give birth but way too difficult to bring up a child. Perhaps we thought that it’s better to raise one good human being than lots of spotlit brats. But I believe there is still plenty of time to think about more kids.”

Mahnoor Baloch juggles home and work with expertise. “I have my priorities set. I always handle one project at a time and never let my work effect my home and family.” This is also one of the reasons for her vanishing act after every serial. “I always take into account the team, cast and the director I am supposed to work with before committing myself. I prefer working with good people. The environment matters a lot to me. Consequently, I have done only five to six plays in ten years.” This she says is the reason for her scandal free career.

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