MQM and TTP Join Hands Against Police in Karachi

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If you want to gauge the progress of Karachi targeted operation, you just need to look at how much MQM is shrieking and resorting to more violent measures in Karachi along with the TTP. Both work in their own strongholds, and they are kind of united to maintain their mafia-rule on the metropolis. Both are terrorist outfits and both have political offshoots, with MQM’s more defined one. It’s no less than a wonder that still Karachi Police is an effective organization trying to combat two vicious enemies who have state-of-the-art weapons, unlimited foreign funding, political backing, religious roots, and retreat bases elsewhere. With hardly any bullet proof jackets, working guns, limited ammo, average training, and any support from the high-ups - these policemen are still sacrificing their lives and still fighting against the terrorists.
MQM and TTP Join Hands Against Police in Karachi
On Thursday morning, just yesterday, a bombing targeting a police bus on Thursday claimed the lives of 13 policemen and left 55 others injured. Just from the start of this year, more than 100 policemen have been killed by these terrorists in the Karachi alone. MQM is said to have killed around 70, whereas TTP claims the rest. The number of injured and maimed ones also ranges in hundreds. Our media is scared and hostage to both of MQM and TTP. Openly, these terrorist threat to media. MQM killed Wali Khan Babar, the reporter of GEO, whereas TTP killed 3 reporters of Express News. There are many other examples too. Some journalists, who are somewhat brave enough say in muffled voices that their TV stations would be bombed if they don’t telecast hours long silly speeches of Altaf Hussain from London or if they don’t recite TTP’s point of view. This is the time, when all of us need to stand behind the Karachi Police as they are, along with the Pakistan rangers, sacrificing their everything for us. They need our support. Let’s join hands with Karachi Police to combat with MQM and TTP.
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