Akram Sheikh as Prosecuter is Danger Bell for Musharraf

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The common belief among the people and media in the Pakistan is that former dictator General(r) Pervaiz Musharraf will go scot-free from all the cases. It is also said that Musharraf will soon Pakistan and live rest of his life in luxurious exile. With no serious political party or political base in Pakistan, any future role for Musharraf is remote. It is also well believed that Pakistan military won’t allow any civilian government to punish one of their own. Military would be protecting Musharraf and making sure that he gets out in time. The princely way Musharraf has been kept in his own sprawling Chak Shahzad farm, and the way he has been royally treated so far, and the way he has obtained bails in almost all the cases shows that there is some formidable power behind him.
Akram Sheikh as Prosecuter is Danger Bell for Musharraf
Three things but, are indicating that all is perhaps not well for Musharraf and PML-N government wants to try and get him punished for what he did. These three things are:
1. Despite of numerous bails, Musharraf never got his name off the Exit Control List.
2. Special court comprising of three judges have been formed to hear the Musharraf treason case.
3. Akram Sheikh has been appointed as prosecutor from the government side in Musharraf treason case.
Now Akram Sheikh Advocate is not some ordinary lawyer. More than his prowess of the intricacies of law, he has been very vocal opponent of Musharraf and his doings. He is very tenacious pursuing his cases and his reputation is impeccable when it comes to court room and I have seen his performances couple of times. He is not someone to get tamed easily, and that is not a good news for Musharraf. What I have heard from closed corridors of powers in Islamabad, PML-N would fight very hard to get Musharraf tried as fairly as possible, because if the trial remains fair, Musharraf is bound to be declared guilty. With three good judges, ruthless prosecutor, and the government of PML-N, Musharraf may not get it as easy as he thought or everybody else is thinking.
Blog post Written by Maria Sultan and You can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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