The glacier i fell from : Chillinji

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Chillinji glacier from top of a mountain, Wakhan Corridor Trek

Chillinji glacier, as difficult as its name is. I would not call it my nightmare, but glaciers are famous for their panicky behavior. It acts totally wild and beyond your imagination. It will neither respect you nor take care of you.

It was my first encounter with any mighty glacier while doing a trek to Wakhan Corridor between Pakistan and Afghanistan that is only accessible through Pakistan. The glacier lies in between Chota Yasin valley and the camp site of Sokhta Rabad before you actually reach Karumbar Lake.

It took me at least one hour or so to cross it. The first look of the glacier from far away was a cave like structure producing weird sounds. Getting on to it, finding your path and getting lost in middle leaves you no other option except playing the maze game. If you are lost, you have to go all the way back from where you had started and find your own way out. Or shout as hard as you can so that your group members respond, and then all you do is follow their sound.

Crossing it was a big deal and the most difficult moment was getting off from it. There was no pathway, except an 80 degree dirty slippery incline. Falling from such a place is obvious and getting hurt was mandatory. The moment actually makes you realize the worth of your life. One wrong move and you are gone.

It is scary. It looks scary. It sounds scary. It acts scary. It really is scary. Glaciers are deadly, harsh but worth an adventure.

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