Common Hair washing Mistakes in shower to Avoid Right Now

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Many of you do think the myth that as you would keep on washing the hairs on regular basis the more cleanliness and healthy look it will attain. But sometimes while taking the shower, ladies make certain hair washing mistakes that can completely ruin the whole scalp and so as your hair care. So let’s talk about some common hair washing mistakes in shower which you should avoid right now!

Common Hair washing Mistakes in shower to Avoid Right Now

Rinsing the Hairs with Hot water:
If you are washing your hairs with hot water steaming, you should stop it right away. Hot water will be giving the hair scalp the dry look and make the hair dry too. You can instead use with the lukewarm water by which it would be able to open up the hair cuticles, and at the same time it will maximise the effect of your shampoo and conditioner.

Stay skimp on Water:
This is another most common hair washing mistake we will make you learn about. As you shampoo the hairs, you should be washing it under some running for around 2 minutes. This would be letting you to get the best out of the shampoo and conditioner. You need to make sure that you have rinse out the shampoo and conditioner completely just as before you move out of the shower.

Using Maximum shampoo to get Shine:
Another common mistake in hair washing is using maximum shampoo for getting too much shine in the hairs. In the craze of getting shine in hairs, you will be damaging the roots of the hairs because shampoo contains harmful chemicals in them. You should first wash and then try to squeeze a dollop of shampoo. In the second wash, you need lesser amount of shampoo.

Do not need hair conditioner:
Lastly is about the myth of not using enough hair conditioner. Not conditioning the hairs is the biggest mistake. You can apply the conditioner first at the very bottom of your hair and then you can move along till the mid-shaft.

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