Ten interesting experiences while ‘traveling in public buses’

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  1. Firstly, these buses never stop at their bus-stop so there is no point to stand on these stops. Similarly if you are inside the bus, they will never halt on your call even if you are screaming at the top of your lungs. On the other hand, you should also be trained to board a bus otherwise be ready for that fall.
  2. Fortunately or unfortunately, whenever you want to reach your destined place on time; it is only this instant our public buses move like a snail. At that time you just wish to have the power of ‘flash’ so that you may disembark this snail look-alike bus.
  3. God forbid! If there is a race among two buses, then you are in the hands of God because these bus drivers drive as they are not on the road; perhaps these drivers assume they are flying F-16 on the road.
  4. The endless waiting—often these bus drivers wait for another bus at their self-made spots; it goes beyond the patience level of commuters. Consequently they begin to shout; though drivers usually turn a deaf ear to their outcry. And later what you witness is a brawl between the passengers and the bus driver, Viola!
  5. Inquisitiveness of unknown lady–You are so much engrossed in reading the climax of your favourite novel and at that moment, out of the blue a question pops up: “Where are you going?” You turn around and see a lady sitting beside you. Out of respect, you replied to her question. She does not end there and here comes another question on your way: “Where do you live?” Hence begins a series of futile conversation even though your gesture shows that you are not interested at all.
  6. Rush hours—Buses are crowded especially at the time of rush hours; this is only time when the traffic is at peak as the large number of people are traveling to or from work. During this time, you only have a small space to stand because the bus is already overloaded and accidentally if you step on someone’s foot (even though you apologize for an unintentional mistake); be prepared for non-verbal glare.
  7. Every day the bus fare changes–it is unbelievable! Yesterday it was Rs. 15 and this morning you find out that two rupees are more added to the previous fare… When you inquire with the bus conductor, you have to hear the lame reply: “Baji, petrol ki keemat barh gaya hai” (the price of the petrol has increased)! But if I remember these bus drivers also use CNGs for their vehicles. What an irony!
  8. Uncalled relation in the bus- I do not understand why these bus conductors call you khala/aunty/uncle; even though occasionally they are twice your age.
  9. There are times when I have experienced that the person sitting next to you goes to deep slumber and put their entire weight on you. I feel maybe he/she forgets that they are in the bus not at home.
  10. Everything goes fine then it’s obvious the wheels puncture or the brake fails; if you are lucky ones so you are transferred to another bus. Whereas unlucky ones have to find another bus (again) and it is an uneasy feeling if the bus stops at unknown place. And oh yes! Maybe you never know the bus you are on board has a brake failure–travel at your own risk!

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