Fix Chapped Lips for Winter Season

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In simple words, chapstick is a balm for lips. But it should be remembered that all chipsticks are regarded as lip balm but not every balm is a chapstick. It is also important to know that good chapsticks are expensive while they can also prove useless in case the problem of chapped lips get severe. Therefore, following tips should be used in this case.
Fix Chapped Lips for Winter Season
1. Use mixture of Honey & Almond Oil
After applying this mixture, gently massage to absorb it well. On next morning, you can use a tooth brush to rub your lips. After that, you can apply a useful balm to get well soon.
2. Depend on use of Green Tea
Green tea contains antioxidants that help moisturizing of lips. You can use it by first dipping the tea bag and dipping it in the water. After some time, put this used tea bag on your lips just for few minutes. This process will hydrate the lips completely.
3. Use Sugar & Olive Oil mixture
Take one spoon brown sugar and olive oil each and mix them together to make a paste. Now rub this mixture with the help of a tooth brush. Leave it there for just two minutes and then use a tissue to clean the mixture. You will get good results by repeating this procedure once in a week.
4. Milk Cream
Chapped lips can easily be cured by using the fats of milk cream. Massage this milk cream twice in a day on chapped lips and you will get desired results.
5. Flavoured Toothpaste to be avoided
Don’t use the tooth paste that has mint or peppermint flavor in it. Herbal toothpaste is the best option.
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