Maulana Sherani Wants Women to be Beaten

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What is the education and qualification of Maulana Sheerani? I have seen him alighting from a SUV in front of parliament when an armed guard opened the door for him and he alighted like a king and went into the parliament. Has he ever read about or heard about simplicity concept of Islam? Why the Islam of people like Sheerani starts and ends with women? Why they are obsessed with this second type of human beings which makes up half of this planet? In this day and age, Sheerani is publicly recommending beating of wives by husbands in order to discipline them. Wow, somebody please enlighten me.
Maulana Sherani Wants Women to be Beaten
Pakistani law bars violence against women, and here this head of council of Islamic Ideology is recommending just that. He has even prepared a full blown bill consisting of 163 clauses and that bill will be sent to all provincial assemblies and the National Assembly for the legislative process, The sad thing is that there is all likelihood that it will be accepted and adopted. Honour killing, Karo Kari, Siyah Kari and evils like that have been called as murder in that bill but that is already part of the Pakistani constitution. People won’t buy this eyewash anymore. We don’t elect these people and we don’t want them to make the rules for us.
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