Imran Launches Mubasher Lucman Against Reham Khan

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It’s very well-planned and well thought out conspiracy by the Imran Khan and his top aides to get rid of Reham Khan in such a way that she isn’t left with any credibility to damage Imran Khan in any way. Imran is convinced that Reham would speak against him and he is cementing his fort in advance. First Imran ‘leaked’ news of his own domestic troubles to the Arif Nizami. Imran didn’t leak those news deliberately to his closest media friends like Kashif Abbasi, Mubasher Lucman, Moeed Pirzada rather he selected a lesser known of his friend who also has renowned name in media. Forgotten Arif Nizami and his obscure talk show also jumped at the chance and started Get-Reham campaign.
Imran Launches Mubasher Lucman Against Reham Khan
From pre-divorce rumors to the character assassination of Reham, Nizami and is co-anchor broke all decency barriers. Then came the divorce and now Imran has launched his most loyal army of anchors. Kashif Abbasi who leads Imran’s anchor team has been as usual, very cleverly, stressing that Imran is so straight forward and so naive and Reham was the wicked one. Mubasher Lucman has emerged with all guns blazing and outright is claiming that Reham was a corrupt woman who damaged PTI, took bribes from everywhere. Reham Khan has also tweeted that all the claims by Mubasher are lies and baseless. She has also said that she would fight her own battles. I believe, once again Imran has underestimated his opponent and his provocation would backfire.
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