How to Increase Hair Growth Rate after a Hair Transplant

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Loss of hair happens to be a common problem affecting both women and men today. It is everyone’s nightmare to loose hair but this like all problems has a solution. Hair transplantation offers new hope to people who have lost hair. As much as hair transplantation works most people get worried about how quick it would take their hair to grow back or whether it would even grow back. To ensure that hair transplantation shows positive results some few steps need to be taken, a few don’ts and dos should be taken into consideration.
How to Increase Hair Growth Rate after a Hair Transplant
How to Increase Hair Growth Rate after a Hair Transplant. Below are some of the steps to follow up on after a hair transplant :
Step 1: Managing and cleaning of the hair
* When washing the hair ensure you use shampoo so as to avoid the forming of scabs around the hair shaft.
* Wash the hair gently and avoid rubbing the scalp forcefully so as not to destroy the grafts. Use lightly flowing water and stroking motions while washing.
Step 2: Good dieting
* Having a well-balanced diet plays a big role in keeping hair healthy and strong. Having foods rich in protein such as spinach and fruits also ensures that the hair is healthy. One should also remember to have plenty of water.
Step 3: Proper medication
* Look for supplements that are rich in Vitamin B6. You can have them subscribed by your doctor or get them from any pharmacy.
Step 4: Avoid trying out different hair styles for a while
* Try not to tire your hair with different hair styles, avoid blow drying your hair and do not dry it by rubbing rather let it dry naturally.
Step 5: Be on the lookout for any skin infections
* Incase pimples appear do not scratch them but instead let them heal on their own, and if they do not seem to heal consult your doctor.
Step 6: Other Measures
* Ensure your scalp is not exposed to the sun.
* Try to exercise your scalp by massaging it once in a while.
To conclude, these surgeries are performed on both men and women and are more often than not found to present better results in women than in men this is highly because women have a higher number of follicle cells in the donor areas as compared to men. To attain the best results therefore one should first do a clear research on what they want and then find the right person to undertake the surgery, this plus taking good care of the hair after the transplantation results in a successful surgery. This surgery like most of the others also comes with side effects and it is important for anyone willing to get a hair transplant to first view both the good and bad side of the surgery.
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