Can My Current Connection Handle VoIP?

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VoIP is one of the most valuable resources in small business, empowering entrepreneurs to set up powerful and customized communications networks at a fraction of the cost of a traditional landline connection. Because it uses the Internet to deliver calls instead of the outdated and heavily taxed infrastructure used to facilitate regular phone calls, VoIP service providers can keep their costs far below the rates at the local phone company. VoIP has many benefits including flexibility and optional universal notification to ensure you never miss a call made to any of your lines, but getting started requires more than just a basic connection in some cases. Before reaping the benefits of VoIP service you must evaluate if your current network is built for the future of communication, and here are a few central factors that determine a network’s suitability for VoIP calling integration.
Can My Current Connection Handle VoIP?
Bandwidth refers to the quantity of space a connection can access to filter information through it, and is the defining factor in the quality of a VoIP call, and so to start using VoIP, you’ll need a true broadband connection as well as a business phone from iiNet. Older services like dial-up simply cannot process data fast enough to sustain a viable call in this context, and while landline and digital phones can be used with standard connections, if you’re considering VoIP, it’s time for an upgrade.
Number of Users
A quality standard broadband connection will provide ample bandwidth for a network of a few employees, and if you have an existing broadband connection and a small staff at your place of business, there is likely no need for a separate bandwidth connection specifically dedicated to VoIP calling. However, as the number of demands on the connection increase, the quality suffers for each user as they receive a smaller slice of the pie. For this reason, larger businesses with more than a dozen or so employees that are looking to take advantage of VoIP should consider a business-grade broadband connection, which is a premium option that provides the connection quality that data-hungry businesses require. VoIP presents a litany of advantages over conventional landline calling with much of the same quality, but in order to join the communications revolution, you’ll need a suitable Internet connection. Well-established small businesses may need a specific connection capable of keeping up with their demand, but startups and smaller operations are typically just a VoIP-enabled phone away from getting started.
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