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Subject : Shahid Afridi & Harbhajan Singh Unite to Raise Funds for Charity

While cross-border relations and politics between India and Pakistan have forever been unstable, it does not stop the cricket heroes of both the nations to unite for the greater good.

Time and again, we have seen stars of Indo-Pak cricket team uniting and spreading the love. We have witnessed their heart-warming moments of bonding and friendship, proving arts and sports are beyond boundaries.

We all know that Shahid Afridi manages a charitable organization called ‘Shahid Afridi Foundation’ (SAF) with a slogan ‘Hope Not out’ and raises funds for the poor.
Recently, the popular Indian off-spinner, Harbhajan Singh gave a super sweet shout out to Lala and won hearts everywhere.

The cricketer took to Twitter and announced his support for Afridi’s foundation

Boom Boom replied in equal love like he always does!

The two sports sensations will be uniting in Bahrain on October 26 at Gulf Hotel Convention Centre to raise charity!

What a moment it will be. Cut-throat rivals coming together to help those in need. Truly, above all nations is humanity and Afridi and Singh proved this today.

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Posted on October, 14 2017 11:44:55 AM

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