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Subject : Legends Of The Game Shouldn’t Retire Soar

Pakistan cricket is 56 years of age. We have seen many heroes whose charisma and style has ruled our hearts. It takes years to make a legend and for a nation like Pakistan, it takes just one match to ruin the entire career of a player through media trial and internal politics.

Fazal Mehmood is known as the 1st genuine stylish cricketer who rocked the Pakistan cricket scenario in the 50’s and 60’s. The irony was that, he was not treated fairly enough and was not supported well by his own team mates even. Same happened with the legendary Hanif Muhammad due to which both of them were tend to end their careers abruptly. Coming towards 70’s, back then Pakistan had many legend players. Asif Iqbal and Mushtaq retired in a bad fashion while the other big names were not treated well enough accordingly.

Then in the 80’s, Pakistan lost Majid Khan and Zaheer Abbass, though it was a sad end to those well timed gentlemen. Moreover, Wasim Bari and Sarfaraz Nawaz also had an abrupt end of their careers. Though Imran also announced his retirement after losing to Australia in the World Cup 1987, but he was directed by the government to come back and serve Pakistan. In 1992, after winning the world cup, Imran Khan retired and left the international cricketing scene. Javed Miandad held on the reins although he retired in 1994, as his own team members turned against him. He later returned to cricket and played 1996 World Cup as a player. He played his last match in the world cup and retired in a way that never suited to his someone of his caliber.

In the 2000’s, Wasim,Waqar and Saeed Anwar were considered as integral part of Pakistan cricket team. Wasim,Waqar and Saeed played last during the 2003 world cup and said farewell to international cricket on a sad note. Inzamam Ul Haq was the leading force during the mid-2000’s era. Unfortunately, after the 2007 world cup, Inzamam left the cricket in 2007 with a heavy heart. After the world cup of 2011, Shoaib Akhtar retired and left the international cricket on a sad note. Moreover, Younas Khan and Misbah ul Haq were a driving force after the 2011 world cup. Although, Younas has left playing international T 20 cricket after winning the world cup. He retires from one day format in a suspicious manner during the England series in Emirates.

Misbah ul Haq, one of the most successful captains in the history of Pakistan test cricket left the One Day Format after losing the world cup quarter final against Australia in 2015. Shahid Afridi, one of the most charismatic players in the history of Pakistan retired more than twice. Shahid left test cricket in 2010 and then retire from one day format in 2015.

The irony of Pakistan cricket is that the legends are not respected neither given due honor. The iconic players who used to be the core of our team were treated in such a manner that they dejectedly force to leave the game they loved. Furthermore media trial added fuel to the fire and internal politics also became reason for such bitter decisions. Pakistan is never famous in helping the legends to say farewell in a noble respected way. Thereafter, when the heroes of the game are not acknowledged to their services, it is foolish to imagine this sport grow with leaps and bounds in the country. It is high time for us to understand the importance of our cricketing heroes and give them their deserving appreciation.

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Posted on April, 19 2016 11:44:20 AM

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