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If I Could Reach Up

If I Could Reach Up And Hold A Star For EveryTime You Made Me Smile. . .
I Would Have The Whole Night Sky In The Palm Of My Hand. . .

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Plz Count How Many

Plz Count How Many Stars In This SMS















Pehli bar CHAND ko Sitare Gintay Dekha Hai ..

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As yOu grOw Older

As yOu grOw Older, yOu will discOver
that yOu have twO hands,
One fOr helping yOurself,
the Other fOr helping Others.

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Never believe what

Never believe what the lines on your hand predict about your future.
Because,people who dont have hands,also have a future.

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1.Pray as if everything depends on God, and work as everything depends on you.

2.To handle yourself use your mind & to handle others use your heart.

3.Don''t loose head in success and heart in failure.

4.Beauty and colour may attract the eye but character appeals to the "HEART

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I askd A Wise Man

I askd A Wise Man
How Do I Get Best Out Of Life ?

He Answered
''''Face Ur Past Widout Regret
Handle Ur Present Wid Confidence
Prepare For The Fture''''
Than He Added
''''Keep Faith & Drop The Fear
Don''t Beleive Ur Doubts
Never Doubt Ur Beleifs
Life Is Wonderfull
If U Know How To Live''''

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Take My Eyes but

Take My Eyes but let me c u. Take my mind but let me think about u.Take my hand but let me touch u. But if u want to take my heart, its already with U

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Never believe what

"Never believe what the lines of your hand predict about your future, because people who don''t have hands also have a future.
Believe in your Allah & yourself:"

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Girls Psychology

!! ||Girls Psychology|| !!!
*** Fraud with Innocent Boys ***
*** Fun with Handsome Boys ***
*** Friendship with Charming Boys ***
*** Contact with Intelligent Boys ***
*** Flirt with Freaky Boys ***
*** Love with Faithful Boys ***
& in the end
*** Marriage with the Rich Boy ***
!!! Moral of the story !!!
Chandramukhi ho yaa Paaro, Sab Ek jaisi hai

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Extending One Hand

Extending One Hand to Help Somebody has More Value,

than Joining Two Hands for Prayer.

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My Message To The

My Message To The World. . .

If U Like Me...

Raise Your Hands. . .

If Not,

Raise Your Standards . . . |''!''|

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Some of the best

Some of the best moments in life:-
Lying in bed listening to the rain outside...
Thinking about the person you love...
A long drive on a calm road...
Finding money in your old jeans just when you need it...
Giggling over silly jokes...
Holding hands with a friend...
Getting a hug from someone who loves u...
The moment your eyes fill with tears after a big laugh...
Wishing you these moments in your life always..!

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Its Not About Control

Its Not About Control Its About Love
When A Woman Sees A Man Hurting, Struggling Or Overwhelmed

Her Goal Is To Help
Not Control
Let Her Give You A Helping Hand

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Cute Feel

Cute Feel : My Hands Never Pain

When Typing Message For You,

But My Heart Always

Pain When

There Is

No Reply

From YOU.!!

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A Relationship Does''t

A Relationship Does''t Shine

By Just Shaking Hands

In Best Times.

But It Blossoms

By Holding

The Hands

Firmly In

Critical Times...

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