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load shedding ka jaldi khatma

All pakistani nation se guzarish hai
k chand dino k liye susoo bathrom me na krein
bal k shoper me pack kr k wapda k office
me jama krwa dein ta k jaldi pani ki
kami puri ho or or or

Load shedding ka jaldi khatma ho plz

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its a scary story


Once in a rain there was an old man standing with a book in his hand for sale.
A man came to him & asked for buying.
He sold the book for Rs. 3000 & said,
Else you face problem.
Man finished reading all pages with great fear but not last page.
Out of his curiousity he opened the last page one day.
Then he was shocked to see,


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aisa karoge tou kon ayega

Just Imagine for a while, u''re a handsome Boy...



Aisa Karoge Tou Kon Ayega... =P ;->

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doosron k0 bhi bewaqoof banana hy

Hi.. Cute, SwEEt, StyLiSh, ChArMiNG & MoST HandsoMe PersoN!
HoW r u..??

KhuSh h0 gAe nA!


MujhE DooSroN k0 Bhi BewAqooF bAnAnA hy... =P ;->

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id like to buy som dog food

man:I''d like to buy som dog food

Salesman: do u''ve dog?




Sale:i''m sory cnt sel u unles i c dog.Store policy

next day

man:do u''ve cat food?

Sale:whr''s cat?


Sales:sory can''t sel u unles I c cat

3day man walks in wid bag

Sale:Wts in bag?

Man: put ur hand in

Sale:It''s warm and moist Wat is it?

Man: p0tty!! I need toilet paper.... =P ;->

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jab load shedding ho out of control

Jab load shedding ho out of control,
khirki darwaze khol ....
khirki darwaze khol...
Chanda mama ko bol!

All izzz wel

KESC wale kia jane student ka ab kya hoga??

Revision krega ya pasine mei khuwar hoga?

tu mom Bati jala.

Generator chala. U.P.S laga k bol
Bhaiya all iz well

Janix all izz wel ;->

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dill ossay roohh say

Dill Ossay Roohh Say Panay Ka Talabgaar Hy Warnaa

Jissm Biktayy Hain Yahaa Chandd Damooo Main...(*_*)

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dill ossay roohh say

Dill Ossay Roohh Say Panay Ka Talabgaar Hy Warnaa

Jissm Biktayy Hain Yahaa Chandd Damooo Main...(*_*)

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wohi husan wohi ghuroor

Kal raat chand hu-ba-hu tujh jaisa tha

Kal raat chand hu-ba-hu tujh jaisa tha


Wohi husan, wohi ghuroor,

or wohi doori..."

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srif samundar hi py

srif samundar hi py moqoof nahi madd-o-jazar..faraz.

chand to dil mein bhi toofaan utha deta hay,,,

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jesus cannot forget

Jesus cannot forget us;
we have been graven on
the palms of his hands. - Lois Picillo

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a father is someone

A Father Is Someone That
Holds Your Hand At The Fair
Makes Sure You Do What Your Mother Says
Holds Back Your Hair When Yor Are Sick
Brushes That Hair When It Is Tangled Because Mother Is Too Busy
Lets You Eat Ice Cream For Breakfeast
But Only When Mother Is Away
He Walks You Down The Aisle
And Tells You Everythings Gonna Be Ok

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mothers hold their

Mothers hold their

children''s hands

for a short while,

but their hearts forever.

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step by step the jou

Step by step the journey goes on,
Little by little it may seem so long.
Forget about your past, you can"t change it,
Forget about your future, you cant predict it.
Just think about present, you can handle it.
Enjoy presents every moment & be happy....

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if some body say br

If some body say

u r intellegent
u r smart
u r handsome
u r cute

Than give him a slap,

And tel him / her

To day is 26th March


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