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sentence with a direct object

Teacher: Give Me Sentence With a Direct Object.

Student: Every one Thinks You Are The Best Teacher.

Teacher: Than,
But What is The Object?

Student: To Get Good Marks! :-)

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i got zero marks in exam

I Got Zero Marks in Exam.
So Check the Paper and Tell me I am right Na!

Q.1 What is Formula of Water?
Ans: H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O (H to O).

Q.2 Till When 2nd World War was Fought?
Ans: From page 115 to page 120.

Q.3 Who Was Bhagat Singh?
Ans: Ajay Davegan, Bobby Deol.

Now Tel Me Who is Wrong,
Me or Teacher?:-)

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yad e mazi azab hy ya rab

Translate into English
"Yad-e-Mazi Azab hy Ya RAB, Cheen le Mjhse Hafiza Mera"

Papu:My Mind is Full of Data Base,
O God!Plz Make Me a Mental Case" ;->

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perfect example for newtons 3rd law

Teacher:Tell me The perfect example for Newton''s 3rd law?




Student:Every Time I open my Book,
My Eyes Close automatically..!

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cutest love story

Cutest Love Story:

A Boy and Girl of Nursery class Kissing Each Other.
Suddenly Teacher Came.

Whats Happening?

Miss Isne Meri Vaseline Laga Li Thi.

Wapish Le Laha Tha. :-)

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bachhe ko pdhaya kre

Teacher ne 1bachhe ki mom ko likha-
Bache ko nehla k bheja kre..

Mom ne note pdne k baad likha-
Bachhe ko pdhaya kre, sungha na kre...

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tell me your name in english

Teacher: Tell Me Your Name in English.

Student (After 2 Mins): "Age Long Oven"

Teacher: Iska Kya Matlab Hai?

Student: Umar Daraaz Bhatti. :-)

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translate this punjabi sentence into english

Teacher: Translate This Punjabi Sentence Into English

Ethay Tey Anni pai Hoi Aye.


A Blind Girl Is Sleeping Here.

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new student remix of amplifier

New Student Remix Of Amplifier:

KaAliyan bariyan we paper nu me laawa,
Speed me 220 di likhaan,
Teacher de saamne me nai rukda,
Em a night writer,
Rem0vAan maAr mar paper nu chehk kad da,
Sarey bchey takde we ki hogaya,
Lagda we aj mera paper hogaya,
Un nu me puchda,
Ni paper sada le ja ni jattiye,
Ni dur isey le ja we ariye,
Ni teacher tu meri, meri, Mein tera student dent.

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