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Just A Note 2Say

Just A Note 2Say That Our Friendship Has No ENding & Its Grows On & ON

Just A Note
Friendship Help UsOpen Our Heart In Way That We Thought Were Never Possible

Just A Note

Thankyou 4 Being EveryThing 2 Me
ThankYou 4 Being My Friend

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I Miss Ur Face

I Miss Ur Face
I Miss Ur Voice
I Miss Ur Smile
I Miss Ur Call
I Miss Ur Company
I Nevr Mis Ur
Honest & Sweetest

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FrIeNdShIp Is A pRiCeLeSs

FrIeNdShIp Is
A pRiCeLeSs
GiFt ThAt CaN''t Be
BoUgHt Or SoLd
tO hAvE aN
uNdErStandInG ...
FrIeNd Is FaR mOrE
wOrTh ThAn GoLd ..

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What Is The Difference

What Is The Difference

If Love Has Fear
Friendship Has Care ...

If Love Breaks
Friendship Breaks
Hate ...

If Love Gives Tears
Friendship Gives
Support ...

If Love Makes
Friendship Makes
Cooperative ...

If Love Ends On Hate
Friendship Ends On
Love ...

If Love Is For Always
Friendship Is Forever ... :)

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Few Moments In

Few Moments In

- Frnd Walking Wid U
Holding Ur Hands

- Grabbing Frnd''s Food &

- Spending For Friends
& Spending Frnd''s Money

- Lying On Frnd''s
Shoulder While Class Is
Going On

- Hugging A Frnd In
Happiness Or In A
Difficult Situation

- Roaming, Picnic Wid

- Tears Within Or In Our
Eyes On Seeing Tears In
Frnd''s Eye

- Fights, Arguments With
Him Ending Up In More
Understanding .. (:

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Life Starts INTENSE

Life Starts INTENSE



Love Starts With FEAR


Ends With TEARS


Friendship Starts

Will Always Remain

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Love is a Small

Love is a Small coin
Life is a Big coin
Lover is a Sweet coin


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Heart never hate

Heart never hate blood!

Flower never hate honey!

My heart never hate U & Ur Friendship

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Once In A While

Once In A While
We Meet Someone
Who Makes Us Feel So Good
Who Seems To Understand Us
In A Way Few People Could
Someone Who''s Truly Glad
For Us
When Things Are Going Well
Who''s Always There To Listen
When We Are Something
Now To Tell ...
Once In a While,
We Find Someone
On Who We Can Depend
I Know Because
I Found In You
A Truly Wonderful
F.R.I.E.N.D ... (''.'')

~EpPiE fRiEnDsHiP dAy~

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Luv is fashion

Luv is fashion.

But Frndship is ocean.

Fashion will change.

But Ocean will never change!
Dats Friendship

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1day I may die

1day I may die
wiTout sayng
gud bye2 U!
Bt I''ll nevr
4get2 say
Bcoz U hve givn
me 1of loveliest
friendship ever in
my life!

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Friendship grows

Friendship grows out of chance
Meeting a mere glance
& Then a smie
& Touches the heart in
More ways then one
Isn''t it great
How We have grown
From being perfect strangers
To who We Are today
I''m fortunate to have found
A wonderful Friend like YOU

Happy Friendship Day

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After 20 years of

After 20 years of friendship a friend asked his buddy:
"How come we travelled so far in this friendship?"

His buddy smiled and said:
"I know what you are,
I understand what you cannot be"...

"I am happy at what you are, and I compromisd on what you cannot be"...

That''s how we are here...!! (:

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FRIENDSHIP is just lyk "H2o"
No colour
No shape
No place
No size
No money
No rich
No poor
Bt still essential 4 living & 4 forever.

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Friendship Is A Lifelong

Friendship Is A Lifelong Incurable Disease
Happy Heart
Lots Of Laughs
Few Fights
Couple Of Tears
Some Hugs n
Many Pointless Convrsations Via Sms Or Calls

If You''ve Any Of d Above Symptoms, Don''t Panic
Just Turn 2 GOD n Thank HIM 4 Blessing You Wid d Best Illness Of d World (=

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