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Friend Is An Evergreen

Friend Is An Evergreen Relation

Which Never Thinks

Y We r Friends,

But Wen 2 Friends Miss

Each Other Their Heart

Feels Something Is Missing

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What''s The Difference

What''s The Difference

Blood Etrz the Heart
& Flowz out


Friends Entr Ur Heart
& Stay 4ever
Make Life Worth
Living ... :)

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The World''s Most

The World''s Most Happiest

Friends Never Have

The Same Characters. . .

They JusT Have The

Best Understanding

Of Their Differences. . .

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Friends Are Like


Are Like

"Marsh Mellow" In "Hot Chocolate"


"Hot Chocolate" Is Good Without


Its No Fun Drinking It ... :)

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Friends are like

Friends are like Colour Pencils..
They colour our lives,
I may not b your favourite colour,
But hope u''ll need me some where 2 complete your Picture....

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Why We Make Friends

Why We Make Friends ???

They Understand
Just By Looking In Ur

U Can Say
Something Stupid Or
Expose Ur Deepest
Secrets To Them

They Believe In
Ur Dreams, No Matter
How Silly They May Seem

They Love U
For Wh8 U r

& Finally

Everything U Do Together
Becomes A Memory ... =)

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Time goes so fast

Time goes so fast,life asks so much.

No wonder friends get out of touch.

But in hearts,

deep true unseen friendship stays

forever and ever.

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a True Friend Is

a True Friend Is
You Can Disagree With
And Still Remain
Friends ...

For If Not,
They Weren''t
True Friends
In The First Place ...

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Crazy Days

Crazy Days &
Screwed Up Nights

Tons Of Crushes &
Stupid Fights

Secrets We''ll Take
To The Grave

Picture We''ll
Forever Save

Through Thicks &
Thins, Always True

*Friends Forever*
~ Me & You ~ (:

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''S'' upport Us
''P'' ray 4 Us
''E'' ncourage Us
''C'' are 4 Us
''I'' nspire Us
''A'' dvise Us
''L'' ove Us

Hope We Remain
"SPECIAL" Always (:

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Friends are like mellons

"Friends are like mellons...
shall i tell u why?......

To find one good.....
U must a Hundred try...!"

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Suppose One morning

Suppose One morning
You Never Wake-up
Do All You Friends Know
You Love Them ??
Sometimes I LOVE YOU
Can Heal & Bless
So Tell Your Friends This
3 Little Words & See
What It Can Do ...
So Just In-case I Die
Tonight ..


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I Believe

I Believe

As Diamonds Are Forever
Friends Are Also Forever

When They Are There Make You Smile
When You Are Going Through A Mile

Friends Are Like Flowers
Whose Fragnance Add Essence To Your Life

As A Dictionary Without Words Is Meaningless
Similarly Your Life Without Friends Is Meaningless

As Words Build Sentences
Your World Is Built By Your FRIENDS (:

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Two of my friends were

"Two of my friends were arguing as who is dear to me..

I was smiling silently thinking of you"

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Have u ever THANKED

Have u ever THANKED frnds.
For their smiles?
Their hellos?
Their taps at ur back?
Their way of calling ur name?

Imagine ur friends never doing tht anymore,
could u bear it?
"small things usually go unoticed,
but in reality,
they are the ones who make life look so easy n cheerful:

"I THANK YOU 2 my dear" :-)

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