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I have learned that

I have learned that sometimes

"S O R R Y"

is not enough.

Sometimes you actually have to change.

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It takes a strong person

It takes a strong person

to say sorry.

And an ever stronger

person to forgive.

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Understand that no matter

Understand that no matter

how many times you say

you''re sorry

it wont wash away all the pain

and hurt you caused

and the tears you made me cry.

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Always forgive your

Always forgive your




them so much.

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I don''t forgive people

I don''t forgive people cause I''m weak

I forgive them cause I''m strong enough

to understand people make mistakes.

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I forgave you

I forgave your broken promises,
I forgave you from the start.
But one thing I won''t forgive,
Is your breaking of my heart.

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Forgiveness is a

Forgiveness is a sign that the

person who has wronged

you means more to you

than the wrong they have dealt.

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If you aren''t willing

If you aren''t willing to forgive someone,

then you don''t truly love them.

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It takes a second to

It takes a second to make a mistake,

but a lifetime to

try and forget it

was your fault.

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What''s done is

What''s done is done
Make room for the new
Forgive and forget
What has been done to you.

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Why Do I Always Forgiv

Why Do I Always Forgive You?

I Let You Call Me So Many Names,

I Let You Treat Me Like Dirt,

Yet I''m Still Your Friend.
Am I Stupid?

Or Am I A

Good Friend?

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Dont You Hate It

Dont You Hate It

When They Do Something Hurtful

And Then They Say Sorry

And Expect

Everything Will Be Ok

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You Should Forgive Me

"You Should Forgive Me,
And Do You Know Why?

Because I Can''t Stand The Thought
Of You Hurting Because
Of Someone Like Me,
And The Only Way You''ll Ever Stop Being Hurt
By Me,

Is If You Stop Hating Me
So You Can Just Forget That
I Ever Even Existed."

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Refusing To Forgive Someon

Refusing To Forgive Someone

Is Like Drinking Poison,

And Waiting For

The Other Person To Die.

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I Can Forgive








But I Can



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