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itni shidat se maine

itni shidat se maine pass hone ki koshish ki hay

k har teacher nay mujhay marks dene ki sazish ki hay

yeh exam bhi apni filmo ki tarha hotay hain

end mai sab kuch acha ho jata hai


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Kash koi exam result

Kash koi “exam result” ka insurance kara deta,
Toh har exam ka pehle premium bharwa dete,
Pass hote toh thik hai,
Varna insurance claim karva lete…

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Exams are like GIRL

Exams are like GIRL FRIENDS

1 Too Many Questions.
2 Difficult to Understand.
3 More Explanation is Needed.
4 Result is always FAIL!

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Rain of summer

Rain of summer, snow of winter,
grace of autumn, glory of spring,
May beauty of every season
give ur heart a beautiful reason 2 smile.
May God suceed u in every exams of ur life.
Good luck & all the best

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A student grabbed

A student grabbed a coin,

Flipped it in the air & said,
“Head, I go to sleep.”

Tail, I watch a movie.

If it stands on the edge I’ll study:p

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Xams are there

Xams are there,

at the paper u stare;

the answer is nowhere,

which makes u pull ur hair.

The teachers make u glare,

the grades r not fair,

but just like the past 20 yrs,


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Student''s declaration

Student''s declaration at the end of answer paper. It Reminds me of Disclaimer Notices!

I hereby declare that answers written above r true 2 the best of mine & my friend''s knowledge & I claim no responsibility whatsoever 4 any mistakes.

Whatever I have written is truly fictitious & any resemblance with the Subject Matter is purely Coincidental

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What is Éduçati0n

What is Éduçati0n ?

Educati0n is an 0raganised system thr0ugh whch we waste 0ne half 0f our life t0 learn h0w 2 waste the remaning half 0f 0ur life.

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beauty rfresh









This Shud Be The Beginning Of The New Semester :->

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Yahoooooo... ....!
Exams ki $aari taiyaari ho gayi

sab taiyar hai

padhna baki hai

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Ideal to write on

Ideal to write on ans sheet:
Answers given below r imaginary & result of pure fiction. Any resemblance to text book is unintentional & purely co-incidental ;->

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If In Exam U Have

If In Exam U Have One Of Question About Me
Then How Will U Define Me In Some Words ?
Ur Answer Shud Be Based On Truth, Reply Me Now

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Behind every successful

Behind every successful student,
there is one Girl feirnd..
But wht about a failed student..??

A Beautiful Teacher..!!

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Students K Dard

Students K Dard University Kya Jane
Colleg K Riwaj Parent Kya Jane
Hoti Kitni Taqlif 1 Paper Likhne Me
Wo Paper Check Karne Wala Kya Jane...

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What’s Fear

What’s Fear ?

Fear Is The Deep Wrencthing Feeling In Your Stomach

When Pages Of Ur Book Still Smell New


Just Few Hours Left For Ur Examz ;->

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*EID''s 3rd day*

Aao kabhi seeny se

Judayi uski kitni Ajeeb thi ..

ZINDAGI bewafa kyun hoti hy

way gujra way way gujra way.

dil sab sy zaida kab dukhta ..

Hath Thaam lay usay Chortay

Door Knocks Twice

Friendship is needless

Aap Hi Apni Adao''n Pe

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