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thats attitude

don't walk as if you rule the world.. walk as if you don't care who rules the world. And that's ATTITUDE! :)

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Self respect

Sometimes you have to stop caring because you may care too much for someone who doesn't care about you. It's not pride; it's self-respect.

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pushing them away

"I never wished for somebody to stay just because i say.. I just wanted someone who will stay, even when I'm pushing them away."

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Being single is a choice. Some say it's to avoid heartbreaks/love problems, but some choose to be single because they are still in love with someone secretly.

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begin with hopes

Days begin with hopes and ends with dreams. Everyday starts with some expectation but surely ends with some experience-that's life!

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Caring for someone is easy, but to make someone care for you is difficult, So never lose the one who really cares for you!

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like a melody

Knowing a person is like music, what attracts us to them is their melody, and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics.

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the way you want

Sometimes you just have to let people go, because sometimes going on without them is easier than trying to pretend like things will ever be the way you want

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thinks the scariest people of all are those who believe their own lies...

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I am still me

I haven't forgotten where I come from, or who I am, I've just had to make some minor adjustments to get to where I need to be, look in my eyes I'm still me

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doesn't go looking for trouble. Trouble always comes looking for his.

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I'm far from perfect. But I will be perfect for that imperfect someone who is perfect for me.

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Not fake

some people don't understand the way i am, some are hurt by the way i talk, but what i can do if that's the real me, i am not perfect, but definitely not fake!

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Tips for life

TIPS FOR A BETTER LIFE.. 1. Live without pretending. 2. Love without depending. 3. Listen without defending. 4. Speak without offending.

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Decisions are the hardest move to make. Especially when its a choice between where you should be and where you want to be. :)

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