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taj mahal

dekh ker taj mahal, shah jahan k potey boley. . . . . . aaj hamarey b bank balance hotey, agar dada chichorey na hotey.

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Hum chaat par chade patang udane ke bahane, Wo bhi chaat par aayi kapde sukhane ke bahane, Uske mummy ne jo dekha ye hasi najara, Jhadu le aayi wo bandhar bhagane ke bahane..

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Aahat si koi aaye to, lagta hai ki tum ho Saaya sa koi mand raye to, lagta hai ki tum ho Ab batao tum kya kisi bhoot se kam ho..

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Always smile ,you know why? B’coz…..Hanso! Jiyo! … Muskurao!…Kya Pata… Kal Daant ho na ho!… Keep smiling..

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Friendship Is A Sea ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Go Deep In It Go Deep More Deep Chal Bus kr Hunn Dubb K Mrna Ee..

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Light the Cigar With the Heat Of Liver ..Their is Alot of Fire in Liver .. Nahi Samjhay????? Lo Urdu main Parho … Biri Jalayele Jigar se Piyaa .. Jigar maa bari Aag hai..

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Uski aankhe toh sagar se bhi gaheri hai, Uski aankhe toh sagar se bhi gaheri hai, Main ijhar mohabat kar ke thak gaya, Tab pat chala sali yeh toh behri hai...

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Hum raat ki tanhai mein, Aapki aawaz sunte hai, Chand se aapka jikar karte hai, Mat aao hamare khawabo mein, Hum bhoot-preeto se bahut darte hai..

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Girls are never wrong.. Just sumtimes confused childish stubborn senseless emotional unchangeable crazy stupid idiot ‘n even Mad!! But, Never Wrong..

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please help

Please pass this msg to all friends n help me. I’m imdad Blood group (0-) urgently need 2 bottles…. Of fanta and coke with 1 large Pizza thanx..

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3 stages of life

3 Important Stages Of Life… Before Marriage- ‘MAD For Each Other’ During Marriage- ‘MADE For Other’ After Marriage- ‘MAD Because Of Each Other..

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befor and after

Things in Boys’ room Before marriage: Perfumes Love letters Laptops Cards N95 After marriage: Pain killers Loan papers Unpaid bills Nokia 1202..

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BOYS Are the most busy generation in the world. On bike 1 hand on clutch 1 hand on accelerator. 1 leg on gear 1 leg on break. 1 ear on music 1 ear on mobile 1 eye on Road 1 eye on girl Nose on breath, Lips on cigrate All tensions 1 Time Phir b Log larko ko Farig kehte Hain… That’s Not fair…

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School and College Difference

Difference Between School & College: . . . . . . . . . . In School If You Were Late, You Had To Sit On Back Bench.. But In College If You Were Late, You Had To Sit On First Bench.. :)

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B - Badmashiyon Me Sab Se Aage. O - Ollo0 Ki Tarah Raat Me Jaage. Y - Yaarian Nibhate Jaan Laga K. S - Shareef Sirf Maa Baap K Aage... ;->

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