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Good Morning sms; 597 messages

Always welcome a

Always welcome a new day with a Smile on Ur Lips,Love in Ur
Heart & Good Thoughts in Ur Mind....And Ull always have a
WoNderFuL DaY..GoOd MoRnInG...

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(@) Smiling.... (!.!) Crying

(@) Smiling.... (!.!) Crying... (;) Angry... (:) Bored... (-)
Proud... (o) Hungry... (,) Happy.. (?) Confused... (-.-)Sleepy
Jo marji shakal bana lo nahana to padega... Good day Dear

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True friends are like

True friends are like morning,U cant have them whole day..,
But can be sure theyll be there when u wake up Today,Tomorrow
& forever...Good Morning.....

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May your salty days

May your salty days be peppered with spicy love. May u bask in
lemon sunshine, play on strawberry fields, under a vanilla sky..
in short have a Yummy day!

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New Morning+ New

New Morning+ New Aim+ New Achievement + Ur Dedication +
Commitment=Success...Just do it and win it Good Morning....

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Dear Subscribe

Dear Subscriber!Good Morning!!!Ur due date to take bath for
this month is today...Please take bath by due date to avoid
khujli,dandruf..... Thanks!!!!

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A Relaxed mind

A Relaxed mind,A peaceful soul,A joyful spirit,A healthy body,
& a heart full of love... All these are my prayers for U have
a Good Day...

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hey dear...

hey dear... sun is not rising, birds hv not started
chirping yet... is sumthin wrong with me or with this
morning? ohh... nw i know y? i 4got 2 wish u

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I wish for SUN to

I wish for SUN to warm U,MOON to charm U,A SHELTRING Angle so
that nothing can Harm U...Faithful friends near U and
everything U pray GOD to hear U...Good morning....

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Wheen I pray I

Wheen I pray I Don"t C God But I Know He Listen When I Sms
I Don"t C U But I Know U Read My Messages With A smile
"Good Morning"

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Wishing U... G Morning

Wishing U...

G Morning

O Afternoon

O Evening

D Night
So overall have a Good Day!...
Keep smiling... :)

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Dreams visit us when

Dreams visit us when we r asleep but GOD is truly wise,
he wakes us up each day & gives us every chance to make our
dreams come true! Gud Morning

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Never think of the

Never think of the past it bring you tears... if u think of
the future it brings fears.. so live in the present & have
fun.... Good Morning

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Words and hearts

Words and hearts should be handle with care because words
when spoken and hearts when broken are the hardest thing
to repair. Good Morning.

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Whenever I look

Whenever I look at my palm,i wonder which of those tiny cute
cris cross lines made me so lucky two meet a sweet person
like U Good Morning...

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