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Good Morning sms; 597 messages

This bright, new day..

This bright, new day...
Cmplete wid 24 hrs of opportunities, choices & attitude...
A perfectly matched set of 1440 minutes.
This unique gift, this one day, cannot be exchanged, replaced or refunded...
Handle wid care.
Make the most of it...

G o _ O d
M o R n I n G (=,-)

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V r nt strong n

V r nt strong n powerful evryday
th8 V weep if need b
2 feel d luv n blosoming of a flower th8 was 1nce a seed
& yes reborn
if need b

Good a.m (=

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Don''t put r

Don''t put r
''Key To Happiness''
In sum1 else'' pocket
U can b happy now
rite now
wherever U r
U can still do all that
U want to do

G o_O d

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The Word L I S T E N

The Word
Contains d same
letters as

Listen to GOD in d
Silence of Ur Heart n
U''ll know HIS perfect
plans for U

Good Morning .. :)

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Success is waking up

Success is waking up in d morning n bounding out of bed
dere''s something out dere th8
U luv 2 do, th8 U believe in, th8 U r gud @,
sumhthng th8z bigger thn U r
U can hardly w8 2 get it agn...

g 0.o D
m O r N i N g .. (=

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good morning from

(''.'')> (''-'') <(''-'')>
<\"\ /"/
_/"\_ _/"\_ _\"''\_
good morning from
Are bhaiya All iz well

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I t I s B e t t e r T o

I t
I s
B e t t e r
T o
D i e
W i t h
M e m o r i e s
T h a n
T o
L i v e
W i t h
O n l y
D r e a m s ... ! ! !

G o_0 d
/\/\ o r n ¡ n g

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Friend You''ve Had

Friend You''ve Had A Good Sleep,
A Good Night,
A Good Bed,
A Good Pillow,
A Good Good Whatever.
But Now Wake Up n Reply Me!

Coz Its A Good Time and
A Good Weather,
A Good SMS and
Lets Not Forget A Bad U!
But Still In This Good Scene.

I''m Wishing A Good Morning To You,
My Not Good, But Excellent Superb Friend. :-)

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(Aslam o Alikum),/,/,/,/,/"\,\,\,\,\,\

(Aslam o Alikum),/,/,/,/,/"\,\,\,\,\,\

+* A *+
* NICE *
*+ Day *+ :-)
"GooD MorininG"

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Sleeping duration

Sleeping duration
For women 5 hrs.
For men 6 hrs
For children 7 hrs
For monkey 8 hrs.

Hello my dear ur 8 hrs is over.
Get up Lazy Bum

Good Morning

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. . Bisteeeee

O V Sawere Sawere. :-)
Good Morning.

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There Should Be

There Should Be

A Better Way


Start A Day


Waking Up

Every Morning . . . ;->

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