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The more u count ur

The more u count ur blessings, the more blessings u will have,
to count! I always do, and I count u as the nicest blessing!
God Bless u each day!
Good Morning! Have a nice day!

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Value each preciou

Value each precious moment...morning brings hope,
aft nun brings faith,eve brings love n" nite brings rest...
wish u find dem all 2day.HAVE A NICE DAY:-)

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Life never seems to

Life never seems to be the way we want it,
but we live it the best way we can.There is no
perfect life, but we can fill it with perfect
Moments...Good morning!

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A child on a farm sees

A child on a farm sees a plain flying by overhead n dreams of
a far away place. A traveler on d plain sees d farm n dreams
of that. That"s life. We never realized d value of the thing
unless it moves away frm us. Enjoy d moment u hav with u.
Gud Day

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Knock!Knock! May I come into ur world? I bring no flowers,
no cakes but wishes to keep U fresh, prayer to keep u healthy
& luv to keep u smiling. Gud Morning!

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Is pyari si subah mein

Is pyari si subah mein, pyare se mausam mein, pyari si koyal
ki awaaz, pyari si hawaaon mein, sabse pyare insaan aur sabse
pyare dost ko Good Morning!

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A day may start or end

A day may start or end without a message from me,
but believe me it won"t start or end without me thinking of u...
Gud Morning!

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Difficulties in ur life

Difficulties in ur life doesn"t come to destroy u, but to
help u realisee your hidden potentia. Let difficulties know
that u r More Difficult. Gud Day

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Saathi sirf vo to nahin h

Saathi sirf vo to nahin hota jo jeewan bhar saath nibhaye,
Saathi to vo hota hai jo jeewan ke kuch palon mein hi jeewan
bhar ka saath de jaaye. Gud Day.

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Worst thing in life?

Worst thing in life? Someone has tears in eyes because of U.
And the best thing? Someone has tears in eyes for U.
Gud Day

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On the canvas of life

we often go off colour, but as long as
people like u are there to add the right shades, life goes on to
be a rainbow! Gud Morning.

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May you rise each

May you rise each texting day with fully charged cell phone
in your hand, inspiring message in your mind, me in your heart,
and a clear signal all day long. Nice day!

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Troubles r like washing

Troubles r like washing machine; They twist, turn & knock us
around, but in the end we come out brighter than before...
Have a nice day

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As the sky breaks into

As the sky breaks into a beautiful sunrise, may God open the
heavens to shower U lots of luv & happiness to make ur day a
meaningful one. Good Morning!

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Those who joyfully

Those who joyfully leave everything in God"s hand will
eventually see God"s hand in everything. Worries end
where faith begins. Gud Day

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