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Best ever quote

Best ever quote in "LOVE"
Some say
"Always Rremember Me"
Some Say
"Never 4get me"

But I Will Say..
"4get Me if U Really Can!"

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My Favorite Luv

My Favorite Luv Quote:

"I know everything about HER
Except dat She Luvs me or not..

She doesn''t know anything about me
Except that i luv her"

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One Of The Best

One Of The Best Love Quote Ever Said:

I Have Written Her Name

On My Heart

Because God Didn''t Write Her Name

In My Destiny.

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The Person Wh

The Person Who Loves You Alot Will Always
Do Two Things Extremely For You:


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Small girl & boy

Small girl & boy are seen crying 2gether..

Den askd why?

Girl says

"My doll has broken"

Boy says
"I M crying bcoz my doll is crying.."

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Cute prOpOsa

Cute prOpOsal-

bOy:hey i''ve gOt 2 wOrds tO say yu!



girl:huh- isn''t dat 3 wOrds?

bOy:nO! bcOs yu & i are One-

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If u love me

If u love me..
Show me its depth..
If u hate me..
Show me its height..
If u cry for me..
Sink me in the depth of ur eyes..
If u live for me..
Take me in ur arms..forever
..If u Can..

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Great words by DEAD

Great words by DEAD LOVER from HEAVEN

"I wud have been alive
if u would have given the rose
before rather than keeping
it on my grave today"

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1 of d gr8 2

1 of d gr8 2 lines of Eng poem

"Ice melts when heated
Eyes melts when hurted".
So don''t hurt any1 who luvz u!!

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