New style of proposing
Boy: can I take a photo.
Girl: why?
Boy: Just wanted to show my children
how their mom looked in her younger age

by nadeem (few years ago!) / 306 views
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Freak people out

When I die, I want my friends to keep updating my status to freak people out

by Muhammad Zeeshan (few years ago!)
Sabzi waala

Sabzi waala sabzi pe paani chidak raha tha,

kaafi der ho gayi,

Customer gusse mein aa ker bola:

Bhai saheb: agar bhindi ko hosh aa gaya ho

to Aik kilo de do :P ;)

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
Gang of SARDARS broke a Bank.

Gang of SARDARS broke a Bank.
Instead of cash they found Botles full of Chilled
Red Wine,
Happily they drank went away.
Next day Headline aai: Blood Bank lutya gya.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)

ek dost ne dosre se poocha .. yaar maine suna hai k jannat me humko hamari har pasandeeda chaze di jayengi. Dosre ne kaha.. Haaan phir pehlene pucha.. yaar mujhe ciggrette bahut pasand hai kya mujhe jannat me ciggrette mile ga..? Dosre ne kaha.. Haan milega magar ciggrette jalane keliye JAHANNUM jana padega.

by Muneeb Alam (few years ago!)
Maine tujhe khat likha

Aman : Maine tujhe khat likha
that fir bhi tu nhi aaya?
Chaman : Mujhe toh khat mila hi nhi,
Aman : To sale maine to likha tha ki khat mile na
mile aana zarur. Rly..

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
Sardar Became The Driver Of Train

Sardar Became The Driver Of Train
The Very 1st Train Driven By Him
Was 8 Hours Late Bcoz?
He Stopped At Every Phatak N Askd
“Jalandher Nu Ehi Line Jandi A?”

by (few years ago!)
Minimum & Maximum

U Call Ur Mother As Mum..

What Will U Call
Ur Mother’s Younger Sister & Elder Sister?

Sardar:So Simple Madam
Minimum & Maximum

by (few years ago!)
England Mother

England Mother- Good night dear.
Hindu Mother - Shubh ratri beta.
Muslim Mother - Shaba kher.
Apni MAA- Are Iss Mobile Ko AAG Laga De Aur So Ja.

by (few years ago!)
To Be Consistent With The Popular Trait

To Be Consistent With The Popular Trait, N.W.F.P
(No Women For Pathan)
Has Been Re-Named
Khyber Pakhtunkhua – K.P.K
(Khan Pay Khan)
An Admirable Decision ;D

by Mohammad Ali (few years ago!)
A wife was kidnapped

A wife was kidnapped.
The kidnapper sent a piece of her finger to her husband & demanded money.

Husband replied:
I want more proofe

by (few years ago!)
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