Sadaron Kee Char Tangein Hoti

Agar Sadaron Kee Char Tangein
Hoti To Kya Hota?

Its Simple
Phir Un Mein Aur Bandron Mein
Ziada Farq Naheen Rahey Gha”

by (few years ago!) / 332 views
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Ooh What A Speed

Sardar Made A Call 2 Airport
Asked How Long Is The Journey From Punjab To America

Receptionist: 1 Second Sir

Sardar: Ooh What A Speed

by (few years ago!)
Sardar apne GF kay paas jata

Sardar apne GF kay paas jata aur baar baar gir jata. Jub who tesre dafa girra to us ke GF kehte sardar jee aap yeh kya ker rahe hain? Sardar kehta: I am falling in luv with you.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
She didn't Say Anything

A mother and son were washing dishes while the father and daughter were watching TV in the room. Suddenly, there was a crash of breaking dishes, then complete silence.

The girl looked at her father and said: It was Mom.

Father: How do you know?

Girl: She didn't say anything.

by (few years ago!)
Aajkal Zyada Bacche

Aajkal Zyada Bacche
Judwa Q Paida Hote Hai_?

Desh"Me Itna AATANKWAAD Badh Gaya Hai Ki

Bacche"Akele AneSe Bahut Darte Hai."

by (few years ago!)
Training k doraan

Training k doraan 1 officer ne sipahi se poocha: Ye hath main kia hay?

Rab Nawaz: Sir Ye bandooq hay. Officer: Ye bandooq nahin tumhari izzat or shan hai, tumhari maa hay maa.

Then Officer to a Pathan Sipahi: Tumharay hath main ye kya hay?

Pathan: Sir, Ye Rab Nawaz ki ammi hay aur hamara khaala hay?

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
Tumhare Abbu ka kya naam hai?

Teacher: Tumhare Abbu ka kya naam hai?

Pathan: Google Khan

Teacher: yeh kaisa naam hua?

Pathan: hum jahan b hota hai, wo humko dhoond hi leta hai.

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
Great People's Thoughts

If Time Doesn't Wait For You.

Don't Worry!
Just Remove the Battery From the Clock and Enjoy life!

"Aah! Great People Great Thoughts." :-)

by (few years ago!)
Teachr 2 Sleepy Student:Who Invented

Teachr 2 Sleepy
Invented Steam Engine?

Student: What Sir?

Teachr:Yes Correct
It's James Watt

Sleeping Improves Ur
Genaral Knowledge... ;->

by (few years ago!)
Teacher to pathan

Teacher to pathan:
Batao 'Qaatil' kise kehte hain?

Pathan: nahi pata

Teacher: farz karo tum apne baap ka qatal kar do tu tum kia kehlao gay?
Pathan: "YATEEM"

by (few years ago!)
A Cockroach

Tum Next Janam Me Kya Ban’na Pasand Karoge?

Saradr:A Cockroach

Why?Bcoz Meri Wife Sirf Cockroach Se Hi Darti Hai

by (few years ago!)
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