Meri Bakri

Ek Laal Gulab Ko Dekh Ker Teri Yaad Aa Gai..

Wah Wah,,,

Ek Laal Gulab Ko Dekh Ker Teri Yaad Aa Gai..

Is Se Pehly K Me Inhen Kharidta Yaar,

Unhen Meri Bakri Kha Gai.. :-D

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A boy romantically to his girl

A boy romantically to his girl friend- I can see the whole world in your eyes.
A passersby listens and says- Rajiv chowk pe kitna traffic hai zara dekhna.

by (few years ago!)
Santa: Dettol sabun hai?

Santa: Dettol sabun hai?
Dukandaar: Hai,
Santa: Accha wala?
Dukndar: Haan
Santa: Acchi quality ka hai na?
Dukndr: Haan
Santa: Acha tu phir Hath dhokar 1 Kilo aatta dedo.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
Scientists finally found

Scientists finally found what was wrong the female brain.

They said the left side had nothing right and the right side had nothing left.

by (few years ago!)


Two ladies were fighting for the seat in bus ,both were claiming that she came first....
one old man was watching this all.....

At last he said: beta larro nahi ,is ka hal main tumhey batata hun."Tum mai jo umer (age) mai bari hai woh baith jai....

Phir dono aik dosrey ko bolien....

Its okay , theek hai tum hi beth jao ...nahi nahi tum hi beth jaoo...hahah.

by (few years ago!)
Maths Teacher Was Teaching

Maths Teacher Was Teaching Mathematical Conversions

Teacher: If 1000 Kgs = Ton. Then

For 3000 Kgs =How Much?

Santa: Ton! Ton! Ton!

by Mohammad Ali (few years ago!)
Wat's ur Dad name

Man- Wat's ur Dad name
Boy- His Name is LAUGHING
Man- Ur Mother's Name
Man- U must b Kidding
Boy- No, Dat's my Brother I m Joking

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
Bad Temper Problem

Patient: Doctor, you must help me. I'm under such a lot of stress, I keep losing my temper with people.

Doctor: Tell me about your problem.

Patient: I just did, didn't I, you stupid fool!!

by (few years ago!)
Can you explain to me how

Wife: Can you explain to me how this lipstick got on your collar?

Husband: No, I really can't. I distinctly remembered having taken my shirt off.

by (few years ago!)
If u r stressed, you'll get pimples

If u r stressed, you'll get pimples.. if u cry,u'll get wrinkles.. So, y don't u smile & get dimples?

by khalid hussain (few years ago!)
Dand tor dene hain

Santa: Mein tere 64 de 64 dand todd dene hai.
Ik hor aadmi ne keha santa 64 nahi 32 Dand hunde
Santa: Meinu patta se tu vi bolega is layi tere vi
gin laye ne.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
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