Teacher : What's the difference between boy and a girl?

Tina : they are naughty, we are beauty..they have muscles, we have nipples they have a pole and we have a hole..

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!) / 375 views
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Santa Ne Makhi K Par Kaat

Santa Ne Makhi K Par Kaat K Kaha "Urr Ja...

"Jab Makhi Nahi Urri To Usney Kaha...

"Sabit Hota Hai K Makhi K Par Kaat ...

Diye Jaein To Wo "Behri" Ho Jati Hai..

by (few years ago!)
it is said that

It is said that Husband is the head of D family,
Remember that wife is D Neck of D family.
& the Neck can turn the Head exactly D way she wants.

by A. Sami (few years ago!)
DAD : When I beat you

DAD : When I beat you, how do you control your anger ?

SON : I start cleaning the toilet.

DAD : How does that satisfy you ?

SON : I clean it with your toothbrush..

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by (few years ago!)

Is Nature’s Way
Of Preventing
From Fighting With

by Muneeb Alam (few years ago!)
2 Studnts raat me Parhty hue

2 Studnts raat me Parhty hue
First: Kitne baje hai?
Dusre ne 1 patthar uthakar saamne girls hostel me mara
Ek ladki nikli or boli: Kamino ab to so jao
raat ke 2 baj rahe hai..

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
pathan public toilet gaya

Public Toilet mei Gaya to
Diwar Pr Likha tha

Dunya Chand Pr Pohnch gai hy
Tum Yahan Bethay ho

Nechay Likh Aya

kar k
Hum B ja rha hay!

by Abdul Hannan (few years ago!)
girl:Do U Love Me Lot.

girl:Do U Love Me Lot.?
Boy: No.
Girl: what? u Not Love Me?
Boy: Ab Kya Khoon se Likh ke Du...Kya..?

by (few years ago!)
Torch Theek Hai

After finishing MBBS, Dr. Munna starts his practice.

He checked 1st patient's eyes, tongue & ears by torch & finallly said..

Bole To.. Torch Theek hai..

by (few years ago!)
Is line ki English banao

Teacher to Santa: is line ki English banao, "usne apna kaam kiya or karta hi gya"
Santa: He done his work and Done Dana Dan Done Dana Dan...

by Mohammad Ali (few years ago!)
Patni- Mujhe Kisi MEhangi Jaga Le

Patni- Mujhe Kisi MEhangi Jaga Le K Chaliye na Ji

Pati- Chalo Tayaar Ho Jao, Petrol Pump Chaltay hai

by (few years ago!)
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