Height of HOPE

Height of HOPE:
Sitting in Examination hall
Holding paper in hand
And saying to yourself
"Don't worry man, Exam will be postponed"

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!) / 316 views
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Memon Is In Love With A Memon Girl

Memon Is In Love With A Memon Girl.

1 Din Larke Ne Kaha:
Jab Mere Dad Sojayen Gay To Me 1 Sika Phenkunge Tm Ander Ajana.

Raat Ko Larki Ne Sika Phenka
Lekin Larka Sika Phenkne K 1 Ghante Baad Aya,

Larki: Itne Der Q?

Larka: Main Sika Dhond Raha Tha.

Larki: Pagal Wo To Main Ne
Dhaga Band K Phenka Tha.!

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)

Ques: What is common in Air and Students?
Answer: Both turn the pages of book without reading

by Haris abbas Qureshi (few years ago!)
Lady : So, you want to become my son

Lady : So, you want to become my son-in-law? Boy: Not really, but I don't see any other way 2 marry ur daughter!

by khalid hussain (few years ago!)
Mother vs son

Mother :tipu sultan kon hai?
Son::pta nai
mother: parhai pe dehan do
son:sara aunty kon hai? Mother : pata nai?
Son:papa pe dehan do.

by Sabir shah (few years ago!)
Aakhri Khuahish Kya Ha

Snta Ko Elecrtic Chair P Bitha K Maut Ki Saza Sunai Gai

Jalad-Aakhri Khuahish Kya Hai?

Snta-Mujhe Dar Lag Raha Hai Mera Hath Pakad Le

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
i wont have to pay

Wife- If I Dismiss The Cook
‘n Make Food Myself For A Month,
What Will You Pay Me..?
Husband- I Won’t Have To Pay You,
You’ll Get My Entire Insurance Amount.. !:)

by A. Sami (few years ago!)
Ek Larka Ek Larki

Ek Larka Ek Larki
Aha Aha

Adhi Raat Ko
Oho Oho

Jungle Main
Wah Wah

Jhari K Peichay

Sab Say Chup K

Aha Aha

Mango Kah Rahey They

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
Teacher:There is a frog

Teacher:There is a frog,Ship is sinking,potatoes cost Rs 3/kg .
Then,what is my age?
STUDENT:32 yrs.

Teacher:How do you know?
STUDENT:Well,my sister is 16 yrs old and she is half mad

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
1 Sardar Rail Ki Patri Per So Gaya

1 Sardar Rail Ki Patri Per So Gaya .
1 Aadmi Ne Kaha Kya Kar Rahe Ho? Train Aayegi To Mar Jaoge!
Sardar: Mere Uper Se Hawai Jahaaz Guzar Gaya To Kuch Nahi Hua, Train Kya Cheez Hai?

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
shadi ka kharcha

aik bachy ne apny baap se pocha....
"Abu shadi per kitna kharch uthta hai"

baap ne jawab diya:

Maloom nhi beta mai tau abhi tak adayiagi kar rha hon" :D

by WAQAR (few years ago!)
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