Phansi se pehle

Inspector 2 Santa:
Phansi Se Pehly, Bata Teri Aakhri
Khwahish Kia Ha?
Mery Pair Uper Or Sir Neechy Ker
K Phansi De Do-:)

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!) / 240 views
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Ladki Se Badtamiji Achhi Bat Nahi Hai

Bus Chali Jhatka Laga Santa Ek Ladki Par Ja Gira,

Ladki Gusse Se Boli: “BadTamij, Kya Kar Raha Hai?”

Santa Khush Hote Hue Bola: “Ji, Punjab University Se B.Tech Final Kar Raha Hoon“

by (few years ago!)
Yaar Ans sheet pe kya likhun??

Santa:-Yaar Ans sheet pe kya likhun??
Banta:-Yehi Ki

by (few years ago!)
A police recruit was asked during exam

A police recruit was asked during exam, "What would u do if u had to arrest ur own mother?" He said, "Call for backup."

by khalid hussain (few years ago!)
Pathan kisi larki ke ghar

Pathan kisi larki ke ghar rishta le kar gaya,

Larki ke maa baap:… humari beti abhi parh rahi hai…

pathan:koi baat nahi, ham ghante baad a jaega…!

by (few years ago!)
Tumko Kuttay Pr Mazmon Likh Kr

Teacher: Tumko Kuttay Pr Mazmon Likh Kr Lane Ka Kaha Tha

Pathan: Hum Kya Kare Abi Hum Ne Kuttay Par Pen Hi Rakha Tha To Wo Hamara Tang Pe Kaat Kar Bhag Gya

by (few years ago!)
April Fool Day!

A - You are Attractive,
B - You are the Best,
C - You are Cute,
D - You are Dear to Me,
E - You are Excellent,
F - You are Funny,
G - You are Good-Looking,
H - Hehehe,
I - I'm,
Happy April Fool Day!

by lescol (few years ago!)
Titanic was sinking

Titanic was sinking…

Santa: How far is the earth from here?

Banta: 1 kilometer.

Santa jumped into the sea and asked again: in which direction..?

Banta: Downwards !

by (few years ago!)
u never asked that do u love me

Double Insult :P
Girl: do u like me ?
Boy: No !!!
(girl got sad)
Boy: y r u sad?
Girl: becoz u don’t like me.
Boy: u never asked that do u love me.

Girl: Awww !! ok !! Do u love me ? ? :*
Boy: No !!! :P :P ‘

hahahahha.. akheer e ho gai

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)

A blonde is missing for three days. Her husband is very worried and searches for her everywhere, calls the cops, but nothing turns up. On the third day the blonde shows up at home and her husband opens his eyes widely and looks at her in disbelief. He starts talking to her:
- Where have you been!? We've been looking everywhere for you!

- I was kidnapped, and they kept me for a week!

- Wait, you've only gone for three days!

- I know silly, but I have to go back for another four!

by Kamran (few years ago!)
Santa Pathan K Bachay Ko Dekh Kar Bola

Santa Pathan K Bachay Ko Dekh Kar Bola:

Bohat Khubsurat Hy!

Kitne Maah Ka Hy?

Pathan Gussey Me Bola:

Kameene 1 Hi Maa Ka Hay.

by (few years ago!)
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