Jewish couple

An eldely Jewish couple on their way to a vacation
in Hawaii, got into an argument about the correct
pronunciation of Hawaii.
He was sure it was Havaii, but she maintains that it
was Hawaii.
As soon as they landed they asked the first person
they saw, "Would you mind telling me the name of
this island?"
"Havaii!", the man replied.
"Thanks", answered the man.
"You're Velcome," the man replied.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!) / 285 views
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police wala bache say

Police wala apne bache se: Beta tumhara
result achha nahi aya aj se tumhara khelna
tv dekhna
Son: Ye 50 Rs pakro or is bat ko yahien daba do”:-

by A. Sami (few years ago!)
Banta Owned A Factory

Banta Owned A Factory.
He Issued Orders That Only Married
Men Would Be Employed.
Friend Asks:
Why This ?
Banta Reply:
Because Married Men Are More Obedient.

by (few years ago!)
I love you

A boy said:
i love u to a girl
But girl replied
s0ry i love sum 1 else
The b0y in sad m00d l0oked at the girl and said
Bataon teri ammi ko ?

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
Height of Attitude

Height of Attitude :

1 lady see a boy of 5 years is smoking. . . . . . . . .

Lady :- kya tumhare dad ko malum hai, ki tum smoking karte ho.??
... .
Boy (dhua udate huye) : kya tumhare husband ko malum hai , ki tum abhi kisi gair "MARD" se bat kar rahi ho.????

by (few years ago!)
Ek taraf paisa hai ek taraf damag

Teacher to Boy
Ek taraf paisa hai
ek taraf damag

kiya lo ge?
Boy: paisa
Teacher: Ghalat..
Ager Me hoty to Demag leti..
Boy: Jis k pass jo nahi ha vo wohi leta hai …

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
Men Will Always Be Men

Men Will Always Be Men:-

The Wife left a note on the Fridge: "It's not working!! I can't take it anymore, I've gone to stay at my Mom's place !!"

"Husband opened the Fridge, the light came on and the Beer was cold

"What the hell was she talking about?? Fridge is working fine!!"

by (few years ago!)
100 sardar 1 kashti me sawar thay,

100 sardar 1 kashti me sawar thay,
k achanak kashti ruk gaai!
sub doob gaay


Sardar Thay Na!

Dhakka Laganay uttar Gaye!

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
Teacher santa sey Koi aisa

Teacher santa sey Koi aisa jumla bnao jis mai

'MAGAR' 2 dafa istamaal hua ho,,,


"Wo Mery aagy chal rahi thi or main us k"!!

by (few years ago!)
Teacher To Pathan:

Teacher To Pathan:
Tm Ne Home Work Kyun Nahin Kiya?

Sir Hum Hostel Mein Rehta Hai.

by (few years ago!)
Papa: Beta

Papa: Beta,
Tum Apni Shadi Mein kis kis ko Bulaaoge..??

Beta:- jisne mujhe apne shadi mein bulaya tha..
papa:- mujhe bulaoge na..?
Beta:- tez mat baniye,
aap bhi nahi bulaye the mujhe...

by (few years ago!)
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