sardar ko phansi

Police: Tumhe kal subah 5 baje phansi di jayegi. Sardar: Ha Ha Ha Ha! Police: Kyon hasn rahe ho? Sardar: Main to uthta hi subha 9 baje hun. 

by Mohammad Ali (few years ago!) / 234 views
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Bad temper

Patient: Doctor, you must help me. I'm under such
a lot of stress, I keep losing my temper with
Doctor: Tell me about your problem.
Patient: I just did, didn't I, you stupid fool!!

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
Sardar Apni shadi pe udaas tha

Sardar Apni shadi pe udaas tha kisi ne poocha kia bat hai?

Mere susral ne Barat pe Kum logon Ka Kaha hai.
Pata nahi
Abba mujhe le jata hay ya nahe:-)

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
Dude i got a new car, a laptop and a mobile.

Boy1: Dude i got a new car, a laptop and a mobile.

Boy2: Cool bro, what does your father do?

Boy1: He sells ONIONS...!! :-D

by (few years ago!)

A Boss Asks his Employee:
"Do you believe that there is Life After Death?".

"Certainly not, there's no proof of it".

Boss: "Well, there is now.

After you left early yesterday to go to your brother's funeral, he came here looking for you." ... xD xP

by Syeda Rohama Dilawar (few years ago!)
James Bond Buys A Pan

One day James Bond goes to buy a pan. The pan walla asks him 4 Rs. for the pan but James Bond gives him only 1.5 rs.

When paan waala asks him for the rest of the money, Bond replies
Dhai(2.5) another day!

by (few years ago!)
Meaning Of WIFE

Husband asks, Do u know the meaning of WIFE. It means...
Without Information Fighting Everytime!

WIFE on hearing this says, it could also mean- With Idiot For Ever.

by Mohammad Ali (few years ago!)
1 Pthan Ki Murgi Bemar Hui

1 Pthan Ki Murgi Bemar Hui
Sardar :
Tum Iska Sadka Utar Lo To Phir
Phir Kya Hona Tha,
PATHAN Ne Murghi K Lye 1 “Bakra” Sadqa Kar Diya.

by (few years ago!)

Srdar: Math vich fail Q hoya?


Kadi techer kendi ay 3+5=8

Agle din kendi ay 4+4=8,

fair kendi ay 6+2=8

Sali nu ap confirm nai tay fail manu kr dita….?

by inayat khan (few years ago!)
1 Pathan Bhri Bus Mein 1 Larki

1 Pathan Bhri Bus Mein 1 Larki Se Touch ho raha tha.

“Excuse Me! Aap Acha Nahi Kar Rahey.”

“Itney Rush Mein Is Se Acha Nahi Ho Sakta.”;-

by (few years ago!)
Apni To Petrol Se Hoti Hai

Santa : Whats Da Nam Of Ur Car

Banta : I Dont No But It Starts Wid”T”

Santa : Kamal Hai Yar Teri Gadi Tea Se Start Hoti Hai Apni To Petrol Se Hoti Hai

by (few years ago!)
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