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Subject : Why NO traffic police perform duty at SOLDIER BAZAR?
I want to drawn attention towards IG traffic Police, Governor of Sind please make a surprise visit in the area of SOLDIER BAZAR Karachi to know how many your honest & sincere traffic police official performing duty TO WHOM you depute for duty for SOLDIER BAZAR? More or less same condition of traffic flow in many other areas of KARACHI where no traffic police perform duty.

Very regret and dis-appoint I have never seen none of any traffic police in the area of SOLDIER BAZAR who controlling the traffic flow. That reason often traffic jammed from Soldier Bazar No.3 signal to Holy Family Hospital.

The root causes of traffic jammed as follows

a. Due to the people showing un necessary hurry
b. riding bike or car in speedy to reach your desire place or what else
c. Rickchaw often park in wrong side or middle of the road
d. No one think to follow the traffic rules but more happy to wait in traffic jammed without any pain
e. Traffic signal at SOLDIER NO.3 Often remain dormant since it started function and suggested to put traffic singnal at SOLDIER BAZAR NO. 2 also.
f. Why not your traffic police perform duty at SOLDIER BAZAR
g. Majority of people act as patience less and showing madness even those who are educated also react same way.

Those elderly people, female or kids face difficult to cross the road due to careless traffic flow and every one showing extra hurry which is total madness but when the head of traffic police will awake and take notice or depute some experts to get first hand information after that realized what is traffic system we follow.

I must say traffic police always perform duty where they got plenty of opportunity to get challan for department or own benefits but never dare or courage to control the traffic flow. When department will awake and take notice for such black sheep staff?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(A S)

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Posted on January, 10 2018 06:17:36 PM

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