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Subject : Why often traffic jammed at SOLDIER BAZAR
I want to drawn attention of higher traffic police including IG Traffic police what secret that now a days often traffic jammed at SOLDIER BAZAR KARACHI. From Soldier Bazar No.3 to Soldier Bazar No.1 often remain jammed and more interesting to share not a single traffic police available for this place to perform duty honestly and control the traffic flow.

The reason for traffic jammed as follow

1. Wrong parking of vehicle
2. Rickchaw standing on road
3. People showing extra hurry
4. No traffic police available at this particular place
5. Specially bike riders taking very risky when overtake from wrong side to ahead some one
6. Need Traffic signal at Soldier Bazar No.1 & 2
7. Traffic signal at Soldier No.3 FOR EVER REMAIN dormant and not working any special reason

People showing great hurry and madness to reach their place even seeing no further space to move but act like mad or they are blind no realized due to traffic jammed they can’t move smoothly but showing extra hurry is madness of un educated people.

If we obey all traffic rules than hardly wait for traffic signal less than 2 minutes but where all people doing madness and do not flow traffic rules than waste time and force to stay more than double times in traffic jammed, when Pakistani people will be civilized in which year which is dream?

Why not depute your traffic police staff to perform for duty at SOLDIER BAZAR BUT it look your traffic police perform the duty where they caught innocent or do more challan they loved to perform duty that place where they miss used their power for doing challan for own or dept benefits only GOD knows and not capable to control the traffic flow which is amazing?

The traffic jammed is not the issue of particular SOLDIER BAZAR area but same condition traffic jammed other parts of city of Karachi but head of dept not interested or sincere to take any action against BLACK SHEEP who skipping from duty and mis using authority only for doing challan when got example punishment?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)

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Posted on November, 29 2017 10:12:16 PM

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