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Subject : Honda Pakistan ‘Threatened’ for Legal Action by Oil Companies

Honda Pakistan filed a complaint claiming that the high amount of Maganese in fuel supplied by Pakistan State Oil (PSO), Shell and Total is what causes their car engines to catch fire. The company collected samples and the results back their claim. However, oil companies are not happy and have threatened to take Honda to court and file a legal claim if the manufacturer does not withdraw the complaint. Oil Companies Advisory Council (OCAC), the representative body of the 3 oil suppliers has made the threat. On the other hand, Hascol Petroleum, also a member of the body supported Honda Pakistan’s claim of the fuel supplies having high traces of Manganese. They also approached the government to upgrade the low-fuel quality being supplied in the market so that it can meet standard quality. According to Dawn, OCAC official said Hascol was trying to cash in from badmouthing three largest OMCs for a higher market share even though its entire fuel supplies in the market were of the same origin and quality standards. He said the OCAC would deal with Hascol internally. OCAC clarified that the fuel, which is currently being supplied in the country is approved by authorities and meets all standards set by the government and the concerned committees.

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Posted on November, 10 2017 10:39:07 AM

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