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Subject : Pakistani Hackers Take Over Indian Embassy’s Website

Even though we are neighbours, Pakistan and India are more like siblings, they do whatever it takes to put the blame on one another and try to get back at each other in any way possible.

The cyber-war between both is something we hear about every other day, at times it’s them who hack Pakistani websites and at times it’s vice-versa.

This time, Pakistani hackers defaced Indian Embassy’s website going by the name of “Kashmiri Cheetah”.

The reason behind the hack is still unclear. There seems to be no political reason behind the breach as of yet.

Presence of important data stored on the server or websites, potentially stolen is unaware of at the moment.

The hacker shared a screenshot of the “Embassy of India, Copenhagen, Denmarkon” on his Facebook page according to a local website.

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Posted on October, 31 2017 11:12:35 AM

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