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Subject : Why build inferior quality road in KARACHI
I WANT to drawn attention of GOVERNOR of Sind and Federal Government including city local Government authority why waste people tax money in building inferior or low quality road specially in Karachi who contribute more than 66% ( 2/3 revenue ) to the centre to run this COUNTRY economy, than why treating as special step mother way.

This act perform to keep happy WORLD BANK or foreign country who continues helping Pakistan in order to improve their road structure but if any donor country represent make surprise visit and check which quality of road being made in Karachi than realized how corrupt people mis uses the funds and making very low and inferior quality road in Karachi.

I suggest Chief Minister of Sindh and Prime Minister of Pakistan please check what quality of road in Karachi made specially in the following areas

a. Mava Shah ( Grave Yard Road Karachi )

b. Lea Market

c. West Wharf Road

d. Kharadar Road

e. Soldier Bazar Road

f. Burns Road

g. M. A. Jinnah Road ( from Gur Mandir to Tower )

If Government wish to get tax from general public than why hesitate to provide them basic facility like as follows

1. Well construct road

2. Good sewerage system

3. Provide transport facility

4. Avoid load shedding and reduce power traffic

5. Control the traffic flow

6. Provide free and better medical treatment in Government hospital

7. Reduce or control the high fee of private school in Karachi

I must say Pakistan is full or resource and blessed with many nature gifts expect a SINCERE and non corrupt leaders ( Like Late Khomeni ) if you want to change the condition of Karachi and wish to ahead with EU or West.

If punished alteast most corrupted official say around 100 than entire corrupt society will improve and more hesitate to get bribe or kick back due to fear of example punishment but who dare to do this exercise and clean Karachi with dirty and corrupt officals?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)

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Posted on October, 07 2017 06:13:56 PM

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