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Subject : Onion & tomato Prices
Onion & tomato Prices

IT IS observed that TOMATO being sold sold at Rs 200 to 250 per kilo in various parts of the country, that reason Govt totally failed to control the prices and give relief to the consumer ends. It is also regrettable for Government and Price control authority when Consumers told Geo News that authorities have failed to keep a check on the prices which vary between Rs150 to Rs250 for tomatoes and Rs80 to Rs100 for onions.

In Karachi ( Oct 4, 2017) , tomatoes are being sold between Rs160 to Rs200 per kilo. Onion Rs. 80 per Kilo does Pakistan is not agriculture country or all its crops damage this reason onion and tomato prices shoot up or who black sheep responsible against this price hike in which GOVERNMENT looks totally helpless and no courage to control the prices.

"Increase in prices is a bigger headache for shopkeepers than customers," a vegetable stall owner in Lahore claims. Consumers in Badin also expressed their annoyance at the increasing prices, calling for the local authorities to regulated prices.

It is suggested to do not use TOMATO and Onion for next days wef Oct 5 to 7, 2017 so traders force to reduce the prices in fear of their stock being spoil and black sheep traders got punished too? But it all happen when every citizen plays its role do not use TOMOATO and ONION for next 3 days.

Sorry to say no price control committee working which have power to control the prices of ONION and TOMATO, these traders donot showing the prices in which GOVERNMENT suggested to sale but asking their own prices in which force consumer to buy which is too injustice and mental torture.

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(Ashfaq Sharif)


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Posted on October, 04 2017 08:04:14 PM

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