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Subject : Hashmi tells court that he is being targeted

Ex-Pakistan Muslim League Senator Nehal Hashmi said that he is being targeted, Samaa reported. A bench of Supreme Court heard the case against Nehal Hashmi on Monday. In the hearing, the court asked the PML-N leader if he had recorded his statements in the court on which he replied that he was denied access to the records of the case. In his arguments, he has been practicing his profession for the past 30 years and has not appeared in the court for the past year. “There are conspirators in every institution. I am being targeted,” he said. Justice Ejaz-ul-Hassan, in his remarks, asked the senator why he did not submit his reply when he had it in his hand in the previous hearing. Hashmi pleaded the court to allow him to submit his reply by Eid-ul-Fitr as he wants to visit the Holy Kaaba. He claimed that no lawyer is willing to fight his case. “Whoever fears God, fears no one,” he added. “I have told lawyers to at least study my case.” he added. Justice Ejaz remarked that the issue regarding Hashmi’s indiction can be decided after Eid-ul-Fitr. Justice Ejaz-ul-Hassan ordered Hashmi to submit his reply in the case by 15th June on which the PML-N leader said that he is hosting a Iftar party on that day and has already paid for the arrangements of the function. “You are taking the matter very lightly. The matter is serious is nature.” The judge then ordered Hashmi to submit his reply by 16th June.


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Posted on June, 05 2017 03:16:06 PM

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